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This is really cool... I think I'm going to add something near the beginning to the effect that the entire game is narrating a single story, rather than a sequence of smaller ones, as this is not immediately obvious. As far as larger changes go, I might recommend a few more game-like mechanics that let having more pyramids really matter. As it is, it seems like there's not much incentive to use or hoard your pyramids, and thus they don't really matter enough. Going a bit far afield here, but what if players each had a secret agenda of character types or plot points they were trying to get made in the story, so that they would support tellers who were making scenarios close to their goals, and support shadows who were trying to undo things on their other list I just made up, of characters or plot points they *don't* want the end story to include. This might move the game too far from what you're imagining, but it seems like it could be interesting. If I ever get a group of like-minded people together, maybe we'll play around with it...

Personman 00:31, 27 Sep 2006 (GMT)