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this game needs an additional mechanic to distinguish it. your board is not flat, so printing the image will look weird. make sure to specify you are using a d6. - AK

2009 Game Award evaluation

I am a sucker for Chutes-and-Ladders type games; part of me still enjoys the fun of seeing bad and good things happen to you. So to that extent I enjoyed this game. But, it does not really show any originality of design, except in small details, such as the first two "Lose Turn" spaces, which have other squares pointing to them, making them common "rest stops". And, it adds no decision-making options, which is essential for most adults to enjoy this type of game. (See Treehouse Snakes and Ladders for one way of adding interesting decisions to the game.)

I think that it's probably not good to have to go to the start if your die roll takes you past the goal square. That could be very frustrating; I prefer the tension of wondering if your will get the exact roll before others catch up. On the other hand, having the "Go forward 2" square located 2 squares before the goal mitigates that a fair extent; both games I played were won by a player landing on that, before anyone had to go back to start for overshooting.

This game also does not take any advantage of the attributes of pyramids, except as pawns of different colors. One thing I did was to tip the piece over upon landing on a "Lose turn" square; in such a case one's turn consists of setting the piece upright and passing the die to the next player. (I also stacked pieces on the same square, since my printout copy was small.)

My assessment for the award: this doesn't make the cut.

- BStout