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Telic[edit | edit source]

Designed by Michael Schoessow
Adapted to Looney Pyramids by Gregory Lattanzio

Here are my recommendations to adapt the game to Looney Pyramids from the Piecepack Pyramids they were originally designed for. I think that Looney Pyramids actually work best for the game.

Because the size of the pyramids doesn’t matter, except in determining the order in which they are stacked, there shouldn’t be any problem with using Looney pyramids if you stick to alternating colors; indeed, this will also allow for all pyramids to be seen at any given point (no buried, or nested, pyramids). Remember, the size of the pyramid does not matter in determining a stack’s power. Stick to the color order you chose, and I don't think there will be any problems. Another advantage of playing this with Looney Pyramids is that you can more easily tell your pieces apart from the opposing player.

I suggest the following order for stacking pieces:
Player 1: large reds (or pink), large yellows, medium reds, medium yellows, small reds, small yellows
Player 2: large greens, large cyans (or blue), medium greens, medium cyans, small greens, small cyans

You will need two pieces of each kind.

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