Template:Todo/to do

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  • this is just a specimen to-do list to help editors make sure that the text
  • shows
    1. up
    2. correctly
  • <s>Strike-out recently completed items</s> done.
  • To use this template for another project, such as a game you're working on, insert {{todo}} at the top of that article's Talk discussion page.
    • Or put it on your own User page, for a personal to-do list.
    • Don't put it on an article's own page, though.
      1. It's too ugly to go there
      2. The to-do page probably won't be a sub-page
      3. And removing the template won't get rid of the botched to-do page
  • Put a To-Do on every game page (strike out bad ideas, too)
  • This works by using a subpage named "/to do" to hold the list.
    • Normally, the "/to do" subpage should be under an article's Talk page, or a user's page. (This specimen list is an exception. In this case, the page is Template:Todo/to_do, which is not a subpage.)
  • This sort of thing is probably overkill for most pages on this site, but it can help collaborators keep track of tasks.
  • Use "purge" when you're viewing a page that has an old to-do list showing, to cause the newest one to load.