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Usage:[edit source]

{{cc|type of license|Copyright year|Copyright holder's name}}

{{cc|by-nc-nd|1942-47, renewed 1968|Homer Simpson}} gives:

This game is licensed under a Creative_Commons License and is copyrighted ©1942-47, renewed 1968 by me, Homer Simpson

Type of License:

  • by
  • by-nd
  • by-nc-nd
  • by-nc
  • by-nc-sa
  • by-sa

Questions and comments[edit source]

Know what else this template needs? To replace "This game" with the actual thing you're giving away. You may want to give away a clever board design that you've copyrighted, say, without giving away the game that you've designed for your board. {{cc|the uniVolcanoHexano WhammyMegaboard|by|Lisa Simpson|2002}} But even if you aren't doing that, it will look better to have the actual game's name in the box. -- Rootbeer 22:03, 13 May 2005 (GMT)