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Hi, Ethan. You might want to get to ASAP and buy a Black monochrome stash. Mono stashes are being permanently discontinued.

If you got the same set as shown here:

...then you will want to buy 1 Black monochrome stash (Rainbow Treehouse is Red, Yellow, Green, Blue--which you have--and Black). Otherwise, you'll have to somehow acquire stacks of Black from FIVE Treehouse sets or (if allowed) 15 individual pieces + tube at ($16 instead of $10 for the Black stash right now).

You've been warned.... 8) --David Artman 11:19, 8 August 2007 (EDT)David

Yep, got it covered. I ordered my black stash a couple weeks ago when I realized I would need it to play a proper game of Volcano. Thanks for the tip, though! :)