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I've put an explanation of why I reverted your changes to stack onto the talk:stack page. If you disagree with what I've done, please contribute your reasons to the discussion on the talk page. Thanks for taking part in the wiki! -- Rootbeer 23:33, 7 May 2005 (GMT)

Zendo-Tao: Requesting the win[edit source]

It looks (to me, at least) as if you're going to be the winner of the sample game. You probably saw the latest change to the rules: If you don't ask for the win in time, somebody else who can see two rules may step in and do so. So I encourage you to request the win fairly soon. That doesn't preclude you from finding another ambiguous koan after that, although it reduces the number of still-viable rules (and thus advances the game). Good luck! — Rootbeer (Tom) (U | T | C) 21:24, 28 Jun 2005 (GMT)