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Form fitting volcano board[edit source]

I don't like the idea of making your volcano boards "form fitting." It eliminates half of their use. If you have them flat, you have the optoin of playing on either the squares or the points. You get two boards for the price of one! Maybe I just don't see the advantage to having the lines raised, but it seems like a waste. I don't think we'll ever get away from "uni-taskers" in gaming, but I like keeping them "seperate." I.e. I have my gaming kit that has all my generic equipment and then my "individual games" that I enjoy to play.

I think the form-fitting volcano board are useful because it's so easy to bump the game and push all of the pieces out of alignment. A board with raised lines keeps them all in place. I do have to agree, though, that the board becomes more generic of you make it a flat board, so it's a tradeoff. If you only want to play those games that need a regular volcano board, the one with raised lines is fine; if you want to switch between a 5x5 and 6x6 board, then flat is better. — Lambda 09:45, 4 May 2005 (GMT)
I guess I play my games in more stable areas. Even when playing at the Teriyaki place down the street, I've never had a problem with the pieces sliding. I still have a 5x5 and 6x6 board (one on each side of my box) but I also use the points of the 6x6 board when I play Martian Sparks. I understand the idea though. I guess I'm more Alton Brown-ish. -JEEP 16:53, 4 May 2005 (GMT)

Requested koan[edit source]

I've posted a koan image that may be the one you were needing the other day. I hope you can still use it. — Rootbeer (Tom) (U | T | C) 19:17, 16 Jul 2005 (GMT)

That's perfect. I can still use it. I'm still looking for the simplest rules possible. I have all three possible rules in memory, but then, I also had my last one, too. -JEEP 22:31, 16 Jul 2005 (GMT)