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Hey, it's me. Leave a message after the beep...

Sweet gameboards[edit source]

Those are some nice looking gameboards you're licensing. Thanks for supplying them. I'll have to print some of them out. -- Rootbeer 01:10, 26 May 2005 (GMT)

Thanks. They're just png files I created in gimp and ran through pdflatex (interestingly enough, pdflatex did a much better job of keeping the colors than any other PDF translation method I tried). I'm glad you like them. -- Jeremiah 01:21, 26 May 2005 (GMT)

Case-insensitive first letter[edit source]

I just saw that you put in a link as [[Color|color]]. That's fine, but there's an easier way. The first letter of a pagename is case-insensitive, so you can just write [[color]] normally, or [[Color]] at the start of a sentence. Color or color or colors, they all go to the same page without a pipe. It's only the first letter that's insensitive, though, so when a page name has more than one word, you may still need a piped link to make it work in a sentence. Happy editing! — Rootbeer (Tom) (U | T | C) 18:45, 1 Jun 2005 (GMT)