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Recent flame war[edit source]

About that IGDC infobox... we have two templates now, {{IGDCwin2008}} and {{IGDCwin2008v2}}. Each designer can still choose which infobox to use. Usually I'd frown upon having duality, but in this case, where reason has deferred to pride for more than one designer, I'm willing to allow both solutions to coexist. Hopefully all IGDC entrants can find a happy medium of how to best display their contest results on their game pages. Proud of coming in 6th? Use the former box. Ashamed of 5th? Use the latter box. Don't like the default box on your page? Two characters can change it. To each his own, golden rule, and all that.

Jorge, keep up the good work in promoting Icehouse around the world. I ask that you keep your cool, cooler than ice. I know David can get your temper up; but please try not to let him get to you. I don't want to resort to blocking users, but I came close to blocking two today. Please keep it civil while you are in this establishment. If you've got a beef with somebody, take it outside and come back after you've made your peace.

This is a small community. This wiki only sees 15-20 unique registered users a month. The main page has received 34,000 hits in three years; that averages to 30-ish hits a day. Any poll is going to have low turnout here, and thus the results are going to be weak and suspect at best. With such a small size, caucuses and town meetings that produce group consensus are more effective than mere polls. I don't put much stock into poll results in the Icehouse world, especially those on the wiki, and don't encourage future polls here as a means for creating policy.

Let's focus on positive changes, together. - Cerulean 13:39, 20 March 2008 (EDT)

For the record, I've always kept my cool, I haven't resorted to insults and my comments have always been civil. I'm sad you almost blocked me today, as I don't think I've broken any rules of behavior. Reprimanding both of us when the offensive comments are clearly coming from one side is not very fair. --Jorge