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Pyramid Art[edit source]

Did you consider making templates instead of this art? Not sure which is more space efficient, but you could easily "draw" the pyramids that you drew with cell-shaded tables. Folks will already have to scale the art to fit (say) a table; better if table-in-table scaling (with its inheritance). Ex: Make the template for a Large as -table width=80%- and then when it's put into a square of a board (i.e. another table) it will only be the size of 80% of the cell.

Also, could you make your Trees more centered (like trees)? Just a nitpick. Any idea how to make a nest? I'm thinking same as a tree but with "transparent"--i.e. light-gray--squares and dots (for small and medium), with the large square and dots kept black.

Anyhow, good stuff either way. --David Artman 13:51, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

Didn't cross my mind to make a template for the wiki for the pyramid art. I was making the pyramid art to make up examples for my own game which I will release soon and thought they might be useful to other designers. (As some games have really bad art.) Big is always better with graphics, it should be easy to scale it down, if the thumbnail script was working. For my rules graphics I'll scale them as needed in my image editor. I'll ponder the nest, I probably can work up something. Centered versions uploaded. If anyone has need of different colors, just ping me, I can whip them up pretty quick.--Jason 15:23, 14 March 2008 (EDT)