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A game playable with the Homeworlds Set needs the Homeworlds Set from the Kickstarter Pyramid Quartet series.

Other equipment may be needed, but it could be as little as a dice or a board, of which often a print-ready file is provided.

Contents[edit | edit source]

For the sake of completeness, a Homeworlds Set contains 12 trios in 4 colors (3 trios per color). Standard, the colors are: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.

Combos[edit | edit source]

Many games that need one or two stashes can also be played with the Homewolrds Set, by realizing that each player can play with a combo of 2 colors, so that each player can use up to 6 trios in their combo.

In 2-person games that require more than 3 trios per player, the following combos occur in pairs:

  • Red-Yellow = Shell; Green-Blue = Ocean
  • Red-Green = Christmas; Yellow-Blue: Goodyear
  • Red-Blue = USA; Yellow-Green = Brazil

Grayscale Set[edit | edit source]

If you are interested in assembling a minimalistic Grayscale Homeworlds Set, consider the following colors in your set, shown with correspondences:

  • Red -> Black (the color of Death or Darth Vader)
  • Yellow -> Transparent (closest to Yellow)
  • Green -> White (the color of new beginnings)
  • Blue -> Silver (the color of money)

With Looney Labs' current product line, you'd need to get 3 Nomids Sets (for the colors Black, Transparent, and White), and a Martian Chess Silver Edition Set (for Silver).

The combos that can be generated with this minimalistic set have the following names:

  • Black-Transparent = Hot ; White-Silver = Cool (as being absorbing light vs. reflecting)
  • Black-White = Yin-Yang; Transparent-Silver = Mirror
  • Black-Silver = Ash; Transparent-White = Snow/Ice

Link[edit | edit source]

CubeMan69. Play More Games with the Homeworlds Set. Aug 2023. Contains 23 games + variants (not all here on the wiki, yet). Available from in softcover and hardcover.

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