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Why?[edit source]

There's a LOT of games which should have this Category, if it's going to be an "official" Category: see What Can I Play? 10-sets or see What Can I Play? 10-stashes

I think it is a bad policy to start doing "xHOUSE" as a Category (where x = 1 to 12; don't forget gray and magenta/pink!). It's hard enough to get folks to list "high x value" games on What Can I Play (viz how 10+ Sets and 10+ Stashes don't have the same list!) without having to tag ALL 250+ GAMES with "xHOUSE". 2HOUSE and 3HOUSE make SOME sense (though 3HOUSE is the only "official" enumeration). Any more and it's a bitch to keep updated.

Then again... it's a wiki, so if YOU want to go retag every game with xHOUSE, then have at it! But a Category with one member is, by definition, NOT a Category.

--David Artman 16:06, 22 February 2011 (UTC)

Thank you, David, for getting me thinking about this. The main reason I created this page was that 10 player Martian Canals is equally 10 stashes or 10HOUSE, and seeing red links to pages that do not yet exist drives me a little crazy inside.

I can add the xHouse category or x stashes where one or more are missing: I have just done so for some of the games I immediately thought of. While waiting for the muse to inspire me again, I'll get to see more of the games I've not looked at in a while, if ever. However, I have to quibble about terminology implied by gray and magenta. I use the Stash and Treehouse set jargon meticulously, so that a game that absolutely requires exactly 12 stashes of distinct colors would be Category:12 stashes but not any specific xHOUSE. Meanwhile, a 12HOUSE game may be one that requires 6 rainbow and 6 xeno, or maybe 12 set all the same (!), for instance, but would have pyramids lying unused when playing with some large number of stashes. I think it's valuable to keep the stashes labeling for us old hands who bought under the first tubed paradigm or earlier, but it's also useful to have the xHOUSE terminology for those with tubed Treehouse or new Treehouse and IceDice.

We had another example of a category with only one member. Category:9 stashes had only Vertigo, until I added it to Hexano-Duel. Other "trivial categories" may currently exist.

DennisDuquette 02:16, 23 February 2011 (UTC)