Games released in 2014

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There are 11 games known to this wiki published in 2014.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersGame MechanicsYear
CarboniteDiceA solo variant of IceDice1Push your luck, Set building2014
InitiativeAn abstract fencing game of perfect information.2Perfect information, Piece placement2014
LogisticsA game of Logistics in progress2Capture, Perfect information2014
MaliceAn abstract strategy game of piece movement, capture and teleportation.2Capture, Perfect information2014
MartianWhistResolving a trick in Martian Whist2Perfect information, Trick-taking2014
Martianopolis 500Zip around the track to the finish.24Unknown2014
PewPewDieA player wields a juggernaut!2Rock-Paper-Scissors, Elimination2014
PungoA simple abstract game of perfect information involving pyramid movement determined by a 6-sided die, but not in the way you might think.2Perfect information, Controlled roll2014
ToripokaA Mini Royal with a wild card.2Capture, Hand management2014
Viribus UnitisControl key regions of a language map of Austria-Hungary, as in U.S. President36Placement, Territorial control2014