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A purple monochrome Icehouse Stash

A stash is a collection of five trios, 15 pyramids total. They are typically all the same color (though the Rainbow stash breaks this rule).

Above is an orange stash. Because it's all one color, it is more specifically referred to as a "Monochrome Stash"

Before the term "trio" was coined, a stash was defined as a set of five large pieces, five medium pieces, and five small pieces.

Some games require just one stash per player, while others require a fixed total number of stashes. The "traditional" colors used in four-stash sets are red, yellow, green, and blue.

History[edit | edit source]

The original resin Icehouse pieces (The First 100) were sold by the stash, with all 15 pieces of the same color, five of each size. Later products came packaged as complete Icehouse sets. Monochrome stashes returned to the market in 2002, and were discontinued in 2006 with the arrival of Treehouse.

In more recent years, Looney Labs has applied the word in official packaging of Rainbow Stash and Xeno Stash sets, where a set consists of five trios, each of a different color.

Looney Pyramids are now sold in one-stash boxes based on the Treehouse model: each contains a spectrum of five colors, so that a set includes one pyramid of each size-color combination. The Rainbow Stash has red, yellow, green, blue, and black; the Xeno Stash has purple, clear, orange, cyan, and white.

The IceDice product contains two Rainbow Stashes worth of pyramids (i.e. a 2HOUSE supply).

Currently, the only monochrome stashes for sale are the Pink Treehouse set (no longer available from Looney Labs) and the semiprecious stone pyramids sold by Crystal Caste.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In the game Icehouse, the unplayed pieces you control are kept on your stash pad. The distinctive pattern a player places their stash in before the game begins is known as that player's signature.

In the rules for Zark City, "Stash" is used to refer to each player's set of 3 trios.