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A Xeno Pyramid Stash is a set of 15 pyramids in each of the following five colors:


  • Cyan
  • Orange
  • Clear
  • White
  • Purple

As with the more basic Rainbow array, there is a single opaque color plus four translucent colors. Most games originally designed for Rainbow pyramids can be played with Xeno ones, according to the following standard conversions:

Rainbow to Xeno
Rainbow Color Xeno Color
Black White
Red Orange
Yellow Clear
Green Cyan
Blue Purple

Note: some people prefer to use Cyan in place of Blue. However this leaves Purple as a substitute for Green, which is not particularly intuitive. The color pairs listed in the table above are the ones used in the official Looney Labs the old "IceSheet" style rules for Homeworlds (the rules in the Pyramid Arcade make no mention of mapping colors, however it was unnecessary given that the box included all 10 colors).