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Custom Colored Pieces
Custom Colored Pieces

Pieceniks are people who make or modify Icehouse pieces. Their activities are often called "pieceniking". Their unofficial motto is, inevitably, "Blessed are the piecemakers."

The following is a list of known pieceniks, along with their custom sets.

  • Andy Looney made the original set from fishing weights, and made several others
  • Number 12 made many, many sets, including helping with the early poured resin pieces.
  • Kristin Looney has made many sets as well.
  • Eeyore has made sand-filled pieces, dyed plastic pieces, plain wooden pieces, wooden laminate pieces, glue filled pieces, Minimice (minimalist metal pieces), and holey pieces [1]
  • Zarf has decorated various pieces, and created a custom set of flat Zarcana pieces [2]
  • Andrés Santiago Pérez-Bergquist has made several sets out of plaster of Paris, painted with acrylics, named Geometry, Wizard, Dragon and Shadow [3]
  • Eric Zuckerman has made several stashes from polymer modeling clay, including Gouda and Rhymes With [4].
  • Jason Spears has spray painted pyramids to get a dark green and a black stash (These were made from extra white and purple stashes).

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