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Starship Captain sticker from Pyramid Arcade
Starship Captain sticker from Pyramid Arcade

The official Looney Labs designation for elite pyramaniacs is Starship Captains. The term derives originally from an honorific for die-hard Homeworlds players. Currently, the center of Starship Captain activity is the Starship Captains FaceBook group. Starship Captains are specifically pyramid players, as distinct from general Looney Labs fans.

Starship Captain Lists[edit | edit source]

The qualification for Starship Captain status is to have played at least ten different pyramid games, and to have inventoried these in a ranked list, called a "Starship Captain List." There was an app by Craig Forbes on the ning forum for users to maintain their lists, that would enable the production of Starship Captain rosters and aggregate game preferences across the Icehouse Academy of Starship Captains.

Other Terms and Titles[edit | edit source]

While none of these have any certifying process at the Icehouse Academy of Starship Captains, the following designations are Looney-approved (

  • Earther - Someone who has never played any pyramid games.
  • Space Cadet - Someone who has played at least one pyramid game, and aspires to become a Starship Captain.
  • First Class Space Cadet - A Space Cadet who knows at least three pyramid games.
  • Starship Admiral - A Starship Captain who has played thirty or more pyramid games.

There has been some discussion about further terms, including ones peculiar to game designers rather than players. A couple more that seem to be nearly established:

  • Leftenant - Not merely a Cadet, but not quite a Captain: one game left to learn!
  • Space Voyager - Not looking to be a Starship Captain, but happily playing the pyramid games he or she happens to know and like.

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