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2009 Game Award evaluation

There aren't quite enough rules to know how to play this game. Unanswered questions I had from reading the rules include:

  • How big is the "board" supposed to be?
  • How far apart should the bases be in the opening setup?
  • How do you recommend placing the coins in "random spot"s? Since moving onto these coins has important game effects, how we place them is important.
  • In the setup, are ships pointed *exactly* to the center, or just anywhere in the general vicinity? Since directions determine what you run into and what you can shoot, this matters.
  • When do the ships turn? It says "You may not switch directions in the middle of your turn," so when *do* they turn? And how do they turn -- are there limits to how much?
  • How do players determine movement distance and firing accuracy? It matters, so should we use string, rulers, laser pointers, or what?
  • Does *every* player get to move the black hole at the end of every turn? Can it be moved while a ship is stuck on it?
  • Can ships stuck on the black hole receive damage from shots?

My assessment for the award: This needs a lot more developing: it doesn't make the cut.

- BStout