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state you are using d6 clearly also, it is not clear how the numbers relate to the pins - please give an example. - AK

2009 Pyramid Game Award evaluation :

One clever thing is the use of 2 dice for the first roll, 1 die for the second. One can get a reasonable simulation of bowling scores that way.

Since there is no decision-making, this game would only be enjoyable by very young children; it would be quickly tedious for adults. Its use of pyramids is very minimal -- only for a sort of score-keeping, and it's not even necessary except for visual atmosphere.

Having some sort of bowling game with pyramids did seem like a good idea, and in fact it led me to invent a Martian Bowling game of my own, which I like a lot and will post soon.

Award Verdict: This does not make the cut.


Addendum: I tried both your scoring system (15 for a spare, 20 for a strike) vs. the traditional one on a couple of games. The new system is certainly simpler for those not familiar with bowling, but it tends to lower the final score a bit. 17 points for a spare would be closer to the expected value, probabilistically; but this is too light a game to really worry about that.