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2009 Game Award evaluation

I like the basic idea of this, very much. A nice short, small abstract strategy game.

But there are a couple of ambiguities in the rules:

  • Under Move, what does "Also, You MAY move 1 piece of your own into the empty spot. Keep it's position, though" mean? Is the "empty spot"
    • The penny just vacated by the solid piece you just moved
    • The gap on your side of the square
    • Something else
  • Under Aim, what does "Reorient a piece of yours so that it is facing a different line of pennies." mean? Say that Red initially has his pyramids pointing along the left edge of the board: does it mean
    • He can move a pyramid into the one row he is not point to on the left.
    • He can move a pyramid to point to any vacant row on either the left or the right (Blue only pointing to the top or bottom).
    • He can move to any vacant spot along any edge, top, bottom, left or right.
    • Any spot actually on the board (this would go along with the first choice on the first question above).
    • Something else.

My assessment for the award: this doesn't make the cut because it isn't clear enough. But please clarify things for next year's award! Or actually, just so I can play it the way you envisioned.

- BStout

Rather than using pennies, I used red & blue poker chips, 16 of each, paired up so that you could flip them over to show either color. I also used the red and blue pyramids as the player colors.