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ICE Awards Feedback[edit source]

These are comments I made at the "Icehouse Community Excellence Awards" thread at the Fan Club site:


PROS: A fun, light, quick game. The cards are attractive (even the mockups I made based on the Icehouse wiki page). And there is decision-making, and player interaction. I like the multiple ways to win based on the card colors, and I like the balance and themes of the card colors.

CONS: I'm not sure how much depth there is in it, though; that is, I don't know how much better an experienced player will do than a newbie. It's hard to know how to try to block your opponents.

One variant that occurs to me is: Deal each player 4 cards at the start. Once a goal is completed, any further Goal Cards you draw must be left face up on the table, separate from your completed Goals. This lets people know some of your future Goals, but also gives you incentive to retain some hidden Goals as long as possible.

Bryan 10 June 2011