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make it clear you are using a d6. - AK

2009 Game Award evaluation

This game is diplomacy at its rawest form, which could mean its most hilarious or its most vicious, depending on the group playing it.

A real problem is, a die roll of 6 can wipe one player out. This means a player can be eliminated from the game before they even have a turn. Even with average rolls, players A, B and C can pile their rolls on player D and usually wipe him out once before he has his first turn.

One possible to fix this would be to require 3 pips to knock down/set up a large, 2 for a medium, and 1 for a small. This makes the wipe out effect much less likely, as well as taking advantage of more attributes of the playing pieces. Perhaps you could then roll 2 dice to allow more action, but then specify that each die must be entirely used on one player. Perhaps you could use the Treehouse die as well, to add some variety of actions.

My assessment for the award: There is a potential core of a fun game here, but as it stands right now it doesn't make the cut.

- BStout