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This template allows you to easily use the Pyramid Love font to include simple diagrams of pyramids and other components in pages.

Usage[edit source]

| Text in Pyramid Love format
| color
| size

The only required parameter is the text; the other two are optional.

The text will be rendered with the Pyramid Love font, which uses ligatures starting with : to refer to the different images that are available. For instance :LPE will be interpreted as a "large pointing east". See How to Use Pyramid Love.pdf for more details.

The color is any CSS color, which will be applied to the pyramid. For instance, red, green, blue, etc. The default if unspecified is black.

The size is a CSS font size, such as 3em to make it three times the font height of the surrounding text, or 25px to make it exactly 25 CSS pixels high. The default is 2em, which makes it twice the height of surrounding text, which is about right to be visible without affecting line spacing within text. In diagrams you may want to increase this for extra visibility.

Examples[edit source]

Markup Result
{{PL|:LPE}} :LPE
{{PL|:MPU|red}} :MPU
{{PL|::LMSE||3em}} ::LMSE