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This is a list of games use a Color die.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersNumber of colorsTrios per colorGame MechanicsStatus
AbiegnusRosicrucian Volcano1255Eruption, DivinationComplete
AgnosticaAgnostica, a simplified version of Gnostica, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Zark City cards.251 per player3 (5 for the complex game)Modular board, Card gameComplete
Attack of the MidsA coop game similar to Flash Point: Fire Rescue1353UnknownComplete
Buyer's Market241 per player + 53 to 4Building, BiddingComplete
CarboniteDiceA solo variant of IceDice152Push your luck, Set buildingPlaytesting
Carrots and BroccoliA abstract game about planning a garden2451 per playerTimer, IceDiceComplete
HomejinksTiny space combat inspired by Homeworlds2313Capture, Freeform BoardComplete
IceCubedA game utilizing IceDice components and a Mega-Volcano board: Players are randomly given opportunities for movement, attack, and supply to the board while also presented the opportunity to seek revenge and wreak havoc on their opponents.2451 per player + 1UnknownPlaytesting
IceDicePlayers roll dice to select pieces, but roll the same color twice and lose everything you gained this turn!2451 per playerPush your luck, Set BuildingComplete
Launchpad 23The challenge: Be the first to build a complete and balanced 5 stage rocket! The problem: Rocket parts roll out of the factory on a random schedule and are often misrouted to other launchpads!2452IceDiceComplete
LockpickA solitaire lock-picking challenge151Equipment/DiceComplete
MartianWhistResolving a trick in Martian Whist252Perfect information, Trick-takingPlaytesting
Quintazone-ChaserFurther play to follow on a game of Quintazone251 per player5 (fewer with more players)Race, CaptureComplete
The Unnamed ArchaeologistA game of digging up bones2565UnknownComplete
TroikaTic-Tac-Toe in 3D261UnknownComplete