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This is a list of games that require as many trios per color as there are players (some require an extra trio or two).

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersTrios per colorNumber of colorsOther EquipmentStatus
Carrots and BroccoliA abstract game about planning a garden241 per player5Pyramid die, Color die, Chessboard, Timer (optional)Complete
Give or Take2101 per player (3 minimum)1Pyramid dieComplete
Great Game of GuessingSeries of cards which need be guessed correctly31002 per player per color4 (Rainbow)timer/stopwatch, Custom cardsComplete
Ice StackersA dexterous stacking race game.261 per player5A single coinComplete
IceCubedA game utilizing IceDice components and a Mega-Volcano board: Players are randomly given opportunities for movement, attack, and supply to the board while also presented the opportunity to seek revenge and wreak havoc on their opponents.241 per player + 15Mega-Volcano board, ELBS (up to 2 sets), Pyramid die, Color diePlaytesting
IceDicePlayers roll dice to select pieces, but roll the same color twice and lose everything you gained this turn!241 per player5Pyramid die, Color dieComplete
IcecasterA two-fisted spell-casting battle for 2 or more players.2101 per player51 stash pad per playerInitial design
Martian TanksSkill based based with pyramids2101 per player5poker chipsUnknown
Missile CommandUse your Missile Batteries offensively to uncover and eliminate enemy Presidents while at the same time defending your own President from attack.2104 per player10Several tokens small enough to fit entirely inside a small pyramidComplete
Plutonian PokerPoker (sort-of) but with more stacking and pyramids. Played with 2 or more people.261 per player + 15Complete
RAMbotsIn RAMbots, players design secret programs which are executed in an order determined by precedence, to control robots that are fighting to become the first to tag all of the goals.241 per player + 14Chessboard, screens to hide programs, small pieces from extra stash (optional)Complete
RAMbots FactoryA variant of RAMbots where the factory floor moves and changes orientation and adds various board elements to interact with.241 per player + 1101 extra Treehouse stash, 1 Xeno stash, 1 Martian Coasters set, four 5x5 Volcano boards or equivalent, 1 dice bag, 1 Treehouse die, misc tokens or diceUnknown
Switch House!A game of stealing and chance.3101 per player5One board per player, two special six sided dice (perhaps IceDice?).Initial design
Vankor WarsA game of revolution and city takeover247 - 1 per player1 per playerBoard, 3d6Unknown
Virus FightA game of combat between two ever changing computer programs251 per player55x5 or 6x6 Board, optional play-aids and hollow pawns/volcano caps/TH set of different type (as long as all the others are equal).Complete
Ziggurat Demolition ThrowdownA game of angry magic for pyramids and the Decktet251 per color per player5DecktetComplete