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Erik Oosterwal[edit | edit source]

Icehouse Games[edit | edit source]

These games are in various states of development
Amoeba Capture the Flag Dodger
Hexachess Icemen's Morris Isoku
Nimbus Nimitz Polymer Chains
Quicksand Skyscrapers Snowball Fight!

Board Game Geek Pages[edit | edit source]

User page: Oosterwal
Game submissions:
Road Rally 2-4 player racing game.
Zermatt 2-6 player mountain climbing game.

Other External Websites[edit | edit source]

What used to reside on Geocities and is now archived on Reocities:[edit | edit source]

Dressing for Success
Computer Science 101
The Puzzle Page (moved to Blogspot)

Blogspot Contributions[edit | edit source]

The Puzzle Page (updated almost daily)
Computer Algorithms
The Mad Steampunk Scientist (needs more attention)

Google Sites - Replacing Geocities[edit | edit source]

The Puzzle Page (The Geocities site--currently in the process of reanimation)
Computer Science 101
Mad Steampunk Science (Currently a stub--look for updates in the near future)

Other[edit | edit source]

Contributions to Community of Puzzle and Brain-Teaser fans.

Internal Pages (other than the game design contributions)[edit | edit source]

Martian coaster diagram

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