Games released in 2010

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There are 23 games known to this wiki published in 2010.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersGame MechanicsYear
AscendancyA turn-based game of tower building.25Unknown2010
BoundaryTransfer pyramids to the other world.2Race, Blocking2010
Circuit ConnectionA connection game of position where you score points for groups on a board I made2Connection, Positional play2010
Crystal CavernsRPG played on a playing card dungeon map15Board2010
Crystal TradersTrade crystals with people from other worlds36Unknown2010
ElementalistUse the elements at your disposal and wage epic war against an opponent!2Direct conflict2010
Emperor's GardenTry destroying the Fujiwara clan to assert the new Emperor's power24Victory points, Guessing2010
European WarA variation on Andy Looney's World War 5.24Unknown2010
Gygès (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze przemieszczają piramidy na szachownicy.2Przemieszczanie piramid2010
IceminersCollect Gems from hidden Veins24Unknown2010
KaeruJumping from waterlily to waterlily, your frogs try to eat the prey they like the most2Piece movement, Collection2010
NileUse your workers to build the great pyramids of Egypt2Unknown2010
NimitzA multiplayer combinatorial game with a very loose association to the game Nim.26Stacking, Placement2010
PharaohPlayers roll dice to claim the title of the King of The Pyramids24King of the Mountain, Equipment/Dice2010
Plutonian PokerPoker (sort-of) but with more stacking and pyramids. Played with 2 or more people.26Stacking2010
PyramidetoMatch your secret goal pattern.24Rearrange the pyramids2010
Pyramids and FlagsMove upper pyramid to create a flag24Unknown2010
PyrinoesDominoes, with extra pyramids2Placement2010
Small FlagsTwin Win,TwinWin-like game - move upper pyramid to fit your goals24Unknown2010
Snowball Fight!A war game where you try to capture all the pieces.28Placement, Capture2010
SpectrumA "currency" exchange game24Resource management2010
Spy vs SpyCollect all the pieces of the Thingamajig, avoid the other spy and the police, and get out alive!2Strategic placement2010
YshuisAn abstract strategy game for two or more players (inspired by the game Y.)26Placement, Movement2010