Games released in 2012

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There are 47 games known to this wiki published in 2012.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersGame MechanicsYear
AbiegnusRosicrucian Volcano12Eruption, Divination2012
Advanced ColonizationA game of space combat and expansion.2Unknown2012
Aquarius RisingConnect your elements to the higher planes25Placement, Hidden goals2012
Autumn AshA strategic game of color change.2Stacking, Movement2012
Barrakesh ExpressControl surface transport on Mars24Set collection, Hidden goals2012
Barsoomian JetanFantasy chess on Barsoom (Mars)2Chess, Angular movement2012
Battle RoyalA Chesslike game for a TreeHouse set24Unknown2012
Battle of the Body SnatchersCapture more villagers and enemy aliens than your opponent.2Capturing2012
BridgeA strategy game where you try to connect opposing edges of an 8x8 board.2Movement2012
Builders of R'lyehConstructing the drowned city of Cthulhu15Stacking, Dexterity2012
CascadesA two-player mountaineering race.2Movement, Cards2012
ColonizationA game of space conquest mixing light strategy and luck.24Stacking, Color powers2012
Color ClaimBuild stacks with your claimed color on top to score points.2Capturing2012
Crystal HabitA game of mineralogy. Create crystal composites of different sizes and composition.25Stacking2012
DragonflockDragons intimidate each other and lay waste to hapless towns2Stacking, Capture2012
Egyptian SolitaireA solitaire puzzle game combining Peg Solitaire with a Rubik's Cube.14Stacking, Elimination2012
EvacuateGet your Stacktor clans out of burning nightclubs before your rival/s manage/s to do the same.24Stacking, Placement2012
FreimaurereiConduct lodge-based conspiracies during the European Enlightenment2Hidden goals, Resource management2012
GalaA traditional chess-like game from northern Europe a.k.a. Farmer's Chess.24Capture2012
GravityPlaneA 2-8 player variant on Martian Coasters28Unknown2012
Houses of ThothErecting Pyramids on Tarot cards, and vice versa25Accumulation, Construction2012
Ice StalksDraw magic rocks to grow colored stalks24Unknown2012
Iceland VolcanoLava flows for points as the volcano erupts!14Game board2012
KrumpA chess-like game where your movement options increase as the game progresses.2Unknown2012
Latent BinariesAbide by the rules of binaries... Rely on deductive reasoning and luck to create weaknesses in your opponent's defenses in order to have a clear shot at taking control of their base.2Movement2012
LeechCapture your opponents' pieces and their score24Unknown2012
MagmaJumpy patience on a Volcano board12Puzzle, Jumping2012
Martian ChaturajiA four-player partnership variant of Martian Chaturanga.24Unknown2012
Martian ChaturangaAn ancient Indian game believed to be a predecessor of Chess enters the Icehouse world.2Unknown2012
Martian RiskMartian armies invade Earth36Unknown2012
Martian SenetA race through the Martian underworld2Stacking, Modular board2012
Pink HijinksA tiny game of Pyramids2Pattern formation, Dice rolling2012
PoptrixLaunch new pyramids, destroy enemy pyramids, and control the board.2Capturing2012
Push-PullA single-stash game for 2 or 4 designed for play with a Treehouse set. It is similar in some ways to Rock-Paper-Scissors and the Prisoner's Dilemma.23Hidden decision/programming, Piece Movement/Race2012
PyLiPo35Movement, Creative Writing2012
Quintazone-ChaserFurther play to follow on a game of Quintazone25Race, Capture2012
Ricochet PyramidsSimultaneous real-time searching for the shortest solution to move a robot to a goal.28Movement, Puzzle2012
Rosicrucian ChessOccult chess variant a.k.a. Enochian Chess24Divination, Chess2012
SporeMove invaders and launch spores to capture villagers.2Capturing2012
Tower WarDraft a deck, then try to wage a war without making the tower collapse.2Dexterity, Drafting2012
TroikaTic-Tac-Toe in 3D2Unknown2012
U.S. PresidentWill you be the next US President? Place your pyramids to control key states.26Placement, Territorial control2012
Vankor Gang WarsA game of revolution and city takeover, for many players48Destruction2012
Vankor WarsA game of revolution and city takeover24Destruction2012
VertigoA solitaire version of Volcano or Mega-Volcano where the goal is to build single color towers1Unknown2012
The War of the WorldsA pyramid game based on the eponymous novel2Elimination2012