International Icehouse Tournament

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The International Icehouse Tournament (IIT) is the premier tournament for Icehouse players. It was begun in 1989, sponsored by Icehouse Games, Inc., and was held at the Disclave science fiction convention for many years. After Icehouse Games folded, the tournament took a year off, and returned in 1998, now at the Origins game convention and run by fans. When Looney Labs began running its Big Experiment series of events at Origins, the IIT again gained sponsorship, though it is still run by fans.

Prizes for the IIT are:

  • Medallions for the finalists
  • A medallion for the "Coolest" player
  • A medallion for the tournament champion
  • Possession of the Icehouse Scepter for one year

By tradition, the four finalists are ranked, and each finalist gets first color choice of finalist medallion based on that rank. This also determines the color each finalist plays in the final match.

Winners of the IIT
Champion Cooler than Ice
IIT I (1989) Joyce Choat Robert Atwood
IIT II (1990) Ruth Conley Stevyn Travillian
IIT III (1991) Keith Baker Keith Baker
IIT IV (1992) Craig Mackey Daniel Efran
IIT V (1993) Daniel Russett Frank Cooper
IIT VI (1994) Daniel Russett David Hendrickson
IIT VII (1995) Elliott Evans Greg Crowe
IIT VIII (1996) Jacob Davenport Dave Wendland
IIT IX (1998) Elliott Evans (none awarded)
IIT X (1999) Andy Looney Elliott Evans
IIT XI (2000) Elliott Evans Eric Zuckerman
IIT XII (2001) Jacob Davenport Mike Sugarbaker
IIT XIII (2002) Liam Bryan Liam Bryan
IIT XIV (2003) Jacob Davenport Yvonne Kelly
IIT XV (2004) Eric Zuckerman Julia Tenney
IIT XVI (2005) Jacob Davenport Jesse Welton
IIT XVII (2006) Julian Lighton Josh Drobina
IIT XVIII (2007) Timothy Hunt Timothy Hunt
IIT XIX (2008) Tucker Taylor Kat Dutton
IIT XX (2009) Jacob Davenport Timothy Eller
IIT XXI (2010) Ryan McGuire Ryan McGuire
IIT XXII (2011) Jacob Davenport Jacob Davenport

(adapted from Eeyore's Tournament Summary List [1])

To date, Jake Davenport has won the IIT more times (six) than anyone else. Ruth Conley was the last woman to win the IIT. Five people have been IIT chamion and Cooler Than Ice in the same year.

For further information on the tournaments, see also the Icehouse International Tournament Almanac

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