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We played a bunch of games of Hextris in the Looney Labs Big Experiment #6 at Origins 2005. In fact, this got declared a tournament with a medallion and everything. We played mostly three-player games. We were very impressed with how cool this game is, especially considering how well it works with three players. My first game ended with two players absolutely suprised by the winning move. Yow! Zarf and I later played a two-player game with giant pieces, using promo cards to mark out the board. --Eeyore 17:33, 5 Jul 2005 (GMT)

I prepared some hextris board images and thought I had uploaded them, but they're not being found. Being held for approval? Mis-named? (I uploaded as hextris-board.png, hextris-board.svg, and also capitalized as Hextris-board.png, Hextris-board.svg, and also as HextrisBoard.png and HextrisBoard.svg.) JamesVanZandt 17:46, 22 Apr 2006 (GMT)

There are known problems with image uploading. Sorry about this. - misuba 20:39, 22 Apr 2006 (GMT)