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When updating this, keep in mind that your changes affect every infobox already in use. If you add a category, that category will show up as a missing symbol in every other infobox. Try to make sure any additions are truly necessary. - brilk 22:29, 13 February 2012 (UTC)

Is there a way to make the parameters optional? For example, the infobox for Cardinal Connections has a blank "Mechanics" section, but if you just leave Mechanics out of the infobox markup, it makes it say Mechanics: {{{mechanics}}}. It would be better if it just didn't display that part of the box if there wasn't anything there. Can that be done? --Tophu 21:48, 27 Apr 2005 (GMT)

I don't know. I don't know of any way to do this, but I'm not an expert on the template language. You can prevent it from printing {{{mechanics}}} by including the mechanics parameter and leaving it blank, as follows: mechanics=|, but then you'll still get Mechanics: with a blank field in the infobox. We could also remove mechanics from the infobox template, and let people add it if they want in the footnotes, which is basically an area where you can add extra information to appear after all of the other information in the box. -- Lambda 22:03, 27 Apr 2005 (GMT)

Major update (Nov. 2016)[edit source]

With the launch of the Pyramid Arcade, the subsequent resurrection of the wiki, and the expected influx of new players it was high time we updated the Infobox design (and fixed the issues that came with updating the software)

Change list:

  • Added player count, game length, and rule complexity icons
  • Added options for "game_length", "trios", "game_mechanics", "game_status", "version_num", & "release_year"
  • Compressed min & max player count and min & max playing time to single lines separated by a dash when both variables are defined (note: the variables are still mapped to separate properties, only the infobox display is different)
  • Now powered by ParserFunctions and Lua!
    • Omitted or empty parameters will be automatically hidden. (looks cleaner)
    • Lua scripts are used to intelligently read certain data rows. (fixes processing errors)
    • "designer", "other_equip", & "game_mechanics" can now accept comma separated lists that will be split into separate multiple values of the same semantic property (better for searching).
    • "other_equip", "game_mechanics", and "theme" automatically generate links to the related wiki pages (easier browsing)

Note: all of the original parameters are included with the exact same variable names as the previous infobox. However, some of the old variables are not listed so as to encourage the use of the newer, comma separated fields. Eventually we will phase out the old, hidden parameters once we have updated most of the game infoboxes to include the new data (this may take a very long time)

Please let us know what you think and report any issue you run into! Additional suggestions are also welcome. I will try to keep and aye on this page and respond within a reasonable amount of time Umjahwa (talk) 21:02, 11 November 2016 (PST)