The Sniper

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The Sniper
Survive an abduction by outwitting The Sniper
:Players Players: 4
:Time Length: Slow
:Complexity Complexity: Complex
Trios per color: 1
Number of colors: 5
Pyramid trios:
Monochr. stashes:
Five-color sets: 1 Rainbow Stash
- - - - - - Other equipment - - - - - -
Six-sided die, Playing cards, Timer, 5 Counters
Setup time: 2 min
Playing time: 10 min - 45 min
Strategy depth: Medium
Random chance: Nine
Game mechanics:
Theme: Survival
BGG Link:
Status: Initial design (v1.0), Year released: 2007

The Sniper is a survival/strategy game that is all about manipulating an assassin simply known as "The Sniper" to thwart your opponents and escaping by reaching the Sniper's Post.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

1 treehouse stash (that holds 1 pyramid of each size of each color)

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Every year, four people are placed on a secret area unknown to the world. They only recieve two things: a handgun, and a note.
The note reads:
"I am glad you have awakened. As you can see, you are no longer safe.
The gun is to kill those who you see, as they are out to kill you.
On the back of this paper is a map of the surroundings.
Leaving this area will kill you.
And you better not wait.. the Sniper is watching your every move.
If you survive everyone else... then you will live and leave with your
life and your dreams will come true.
The key to surviving is at the Sniper's Post.
One path chooses life. Another chooses heaven.
What will you take?"

Setup[edit | edit source]

Each player takes turns placing a Large Building (Large Triangle) or a Small Building (Medium Triangle). Then, each player places their civilian (small triangle of their color) onto a Building of their color. The Sniper (black small triangle) is placed on his "Sniper's Post" (black large triangle)

Movement[edit | edit source]

Turns go counter clockwise, starting with the player who owns the treehouse set used to play this game. Each turn, you MUST move. The sniper is watching and if you don't move you die. Each player moves either into a building from a path (medium or large triangle) or into a path from a building (between two buildings). A path is between any two buildings, so long as it is not obstructed by another building, even partially. You may not be on the same path as another civilian, but you may be on a different path next to a civilian. When moving on a path, reorient your civilian so that it points to the building you are going and it's back side pointing to the building it came from. You may not move into another area that has another civilian. If you do, you get killed by that civilian. The same goes for moving into another area with a slave.

The Sniper[edit | edit source]

The Sniper is a killer only there to keep you moving. After the first round, the person who moved first moves the Sniper. Afterwards, the Sniper is moved by the player that moved before the last player to move the Sniper, after that person moves.

Example: If the turn order was red blue green yellow,
Red would get to move the sniper first (after the first round),
Then yellow moves the sniper after his turn,
Then green moves the sniper after his turn,
Then blue moves the sniper,
And finally red moves the sniper.
Then it goes back to yellow and so on and so forth.

The Sniper may not be moved into an area with another civilian or slave. Civilians are killed by the Sniper if the Sniper is in a higher building than a civilian and the sniper can possibly move there in two turns OR A Civilian moves in a path or building that the Sniper can move toward in one move.

Dead Civilians (Slaves)[edit | edit source]

When a Civilian dies, they are replaced by a slave. The slave is like a Civilian, but cannot die by the Sniper like a civilian can. Their objective is to help the sniper kill off any other civilians. If they move in a space with a civilian, they are killed and the player who controls that slave loses the game. If they move in a space with the sniper, they are killed and the player who controls that slave loses the game.
Thinking of making this part optional

Victory[edit | edit source]

If the civilian makes it to the "Sniper's Post", he wins the game. If the slaves kill off all of the civilians, the slave who killed the last civilian wins the game. This can be achieved though using your slave to kill the last civilian or using the Sniper to do it.

Single Player Sniper[edit | edit source]

Game play follows the same rules as above except: Each turn (or round), you must move your civilian. Then: The sniper moves toward you in the quickest path possible, that doesnt move into another area with a slave. Slaves move away from you in the quickest path possible, that doesnt move into another area with a slave or the sniper. You win when you make it to the "Snipers Post".

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