Where can I get some pyramids

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Where can I get some pyramids?[edit | edit source]

Current Market Availability[edit | edit source]

As of 2024, Looney Pyramids are most readily available for purchase in the form of stackable rounded-tip, die-injected plastic pieces. The most abundant current source of these is Pyramid Arcade, the multi-game set sold via the Looney Labs store. Retail game stores and book shops are also a good source of Looney Pyramids, sold in boxed copies of Nomids, Martian Chess (opaque red color only), Ice Duo, Homeworlds and Jinxx. The color Silver can be obtained only from the Looney Labs store website when buying a copy of Martian Chess and selecting the silver option, which costs extra compared to the standard Martian Red color for that product. The color Pink can only be obtained through buying the zippered-pouch set of Pink Hijinks. The color Kickstarter Green can be purchased directly from the website, and is the only product where pyramids can be obtained without an accompanying game or set of rules.

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The colors and quantities contained in each boxed set currently on the market are listed below.

Secondhand Market Availability[edit | edit source]

To acquire the older style of injection-molded pyramids with the pointed tips, search second-hand markets for the terms Treehouse, Ice Dice, and Pink Hijinks. Look out for clear tubes, and use the terms "Icehouse" and "Icehouse Pieces" in your search terms, as these were the terms used when pyramids were sold this way.

For rare pyramids such as the semi-precious stone pieces that used to be made by Crystal Caste, check second-hand markets such as eBay.

Making Your Own Pyramids[edit | edit source]

You can also acquire pyramids by making them yourself via folding paper pieces, or even making giant cardboard pieces. If you have access to a 3D printer, there are files available online to 3D print plastic pyramids. The benefit of doing this is that you can use any filament you have, which means you can create sets of pyramids in unconventional colors.