Node Wars

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Overview[edit | edit source]
Node Wars was born out of a concept I picked up from Drag Race, using pyramids to give directions to pyramids but I wanted to go 3D and so DogFight was born. Playing with my new treehouse set I accidently got a medium stuck inside a large & TubeTanks was the result. I needed a goal and so out of necessity I developed CoverFire.
TrackAngel is an atempt to develop the game into a complete the suit covering Land, Sea and Air.

One on One Campaign[edit | edit source]

A one on one campaign basically consists of a DogFight then a TubeTanks and then finally a CoverFire.This represents a player gaing air superiority to provide access to the tunnels and then defeating the tunnels defences to gain access to enemy territory and finally defeating the enemy's groundforces. Either Play :-

  • Two out of three wins or...
  • Play up and down the Node...
    • If you win a DogFight you proceed to TubeTanks in an opponent's tube.
    • If you lose the subsequent TubeTanks you go back to DogFight and if you lose that then your opponent gains access to your tunnel and you play defensive TubeTanks.
    • The same applies if you are defeated in a territory CoverFire. You go back to the tunnels.

It's a constant running battle.

Multiple Player Campaign[edit | edit source]

If you have two+ players things could get very interesting for example:-

Simultaneous Three Payer Head to Head.[edit | edit source]

  • Each Player Plays two games of DogFight simultaneously against the other two players.
  • Imagine this player defeats one opponent but loses to the other.
    • This player will now be playing TubeTanks defensively in 'one' of his own tunnels while offensively in one of his opponents tunnels.
    • The player could then end up defending his tunnel and challenging that player to a DogFight while trying to fight off CoverFire in his own territory.
  • Results:-
    • Player Loses Territory, Losing Player is out of the game and winning player has gained new territory, which they have to defend against remaining opponent.
    • Player Loses One Territory but wins another, player moves to new territory and has to defend it.
    • Player defeats both opponents eventually and owns all three territories.

Multiplayer Campaigns[edit | edit source]

It is possible to play much larger game scenarios either through a series of knock out challenges or by expanding game play areas. It is hoped that the system is flexible enough to allow a range of scenarios to be played out e.g.

  • Three or more Players DogFight in a 6x6 Node, use a small additional pyramid to indicate levels 4,5 & 6.
  • Two or More Players might wish to battle with more than one TubeTank each, perhaps battling over a chessboard.(removal of opponents tanks as a victory condition).
  • Under consideration is, all three game systems playing simultaneously in one SuperNodeWar, so that you would have infantry and tanks on the ground while air support is provided from above.

License[edit | edit source]
This work is distributed by Ian Bates under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.