Pyramid Primer

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Pyramid Primer #1

Pyramid Primer #1 was released by Looney Labs in 2012. It contains thirteen games designed by Andy Looney, Kristin Looney and John Cooper. The games included are IceDice, Treehouse, Pharaoh, Launchpad 23, Black ICE, Zark City, Caldera, Martian Chess, Martian Coasters, World War 5, IceTowers, Homeworlds, and Icehouse; this newly-formatted version of the rules is here published in a beautiful full-sized edition, making it the premium version of the Guide to Looney Pyramids that comes with the IceDice game.

The same rules were also available online as the Pocket Guide but included some of the boards.

Featured in Pyramid Primer
IceDice · Treehouse · Pharaoh · Pikemen
Launchpad 23 · Black ICE · Zark City · Caldera
Martian Chess · Martian Coasters · World War 5
IceTowers · Homeworlds