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This is a list of games that require three Rainbow/Xeno sets to play.

For more 3-player games, see also Browse games/Sets per player

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersOther EquipmentGame MechanicsStatus
AgnosticaAgnostica, a simplified version of Gnostica, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Zark City cards.25deck of Zark City cards, Color dieModular board, Card gameComplete
Attack of the MidsA coop game similar to Flash Point: Fire Rescue13Custom board, Custom character cards, Color die, Treehouse die, d4UnknownComplete
Battle Zone2chessboard, 3 six-sided diceUnknownComplete
Binary HomeworldsA 2-player variant of the standard Homeworlds game2NoneColor powers, Resource managementComplete
Black ICEThe 3HOUSE game of computer cracking2cloth bag, three Treehouse dice or Lightning diceDiscovering codes underneath opaque pyramidsComplete
BluetorchA quick auction game for three players.33a pair of dice from IceDice, counters of some sort (poker chips, nickels and pennies, etc.)AuctionUnknown
Conquest of MarsAbstract wargame using pyramids, cards, and dice24handful of assorted polyhedral dice, playing cardsDice combat, Poker handsPlaytesting
The CrossingChinese Checkers variant. Be the first to get your pieces to the opposite corner.248x8 gridMove, JumpComplete
Crystal HabitA game of mineralogy. Create crystal composites of different sizes and composition.25StackingInitial design
DectanaTerritory game like Zarcana/Gnostica, but using the Decktet25Two DecktetsTerritory Control, Hand ManagementComplete
DragonflockDragons intimidate each other and lay waste to hapless towns2Volcano boardStacking, CaptureUnknown
Egyptian SolitaireA solitaire puzzle game combining Peg Solitaire with a Rubik's Cube.143x4 grid of squaresStacking, EliminationComplete
ElementalistUse the elements at your disposal and wage epic war against an opponent!2Direct conflictInitial design
European WarA variation on Andy Looney's World War 5.24deck of cardsUnknownComplete
FoxtrotAn abstract game of alignment23UnknownPlaytesting
Green HijinksA luck-free variant of Pink Hijinks23x3 gridPattern formationComplete
Homeworlds SettlersPlayers vie for resources on a conquered Homeworld.2Homeworlds Settlers BoardPlacement, Color powers, Turn-based, Movement, Resource management, CaptureComplete
Ice DraughtsAdvanced variant of Draughts24Chessboard or Chess WedgesUnknownPlaytesting
KumbhaAquarius for IceHouse25Envelope, some Paper, Opaque bagUnknownPlaytesting
La Columna de TrajanoAn abstract strategy board game of elimination for Icehouse29x2 boardMovement, EliminationUnknown
Lunar InvadersInterlunar teleportation death struggle!2moon boards (Cosmic Coasters), diceUnknownComplete
MaliceAn abstract strategy game of piece movement, capture and teleportation.2Capture, Perfect informationPlaytesting
Martian ChessColorless simplified chess nevertheless has subtle strategy24ChessboardColorless, PositionalComplete
Martian Tic-Tac-ToeTic-Tac-Toe with Icehouse pieces2Three-by-three grid (or part of a chessboard)PlacementComplete
NimbusA multiplayer combinatorial game with an icy association to the game Nim.210ChessboardPlacement, CapturePlaytesting
Paint the LineTry to build the largest groups out of captured pyramids.22x6 & 3x6 boardsPlacement, CapturingComplete
Peaceful HomeworldsPeaceful Homeworlds centers on gathering crystals rather than invasion.2NoneColor powers, Resource managementUnknown
Petal BattleTwo groups of insects battle for control of a flower2Daisy boardStrategy, Turn biddingComplete
Pink HijinksA tiny game of Pyramids23x3 grid, Pyramid diePattern formation, Dice rollingComplete
PowerhouseCollect exactly five pyramids in one size but five different colors.25Drawstring bag, Any three diceSemi-random drawComplete
PungoA simple abstract game of perfect information involving pyramid movement determined by a 6-sided die, but not in the way you might think.2two 3x4 boards, six-sided diePerfect information, Controlled rollComplete
PyrinoesDominoes, with extra pyramids2A set of double-6 dominoes, a bit of space and something to keep scorePlacementComplete
SkurðirAn Icehouse Transportation Game25NoneUnknownComplete
Snowball Fight!A war game where you try to capture all the pieces.28Placement, CaptureInitial design
StackticsA 3House game for 2 players. The goal is to capture half of your opponents' force (by pip count) before he can do the same to you.2Volcano boardUnknownNearly Complete
T-MinusIt's Not Rocket Science.26three six-sided dice, 12 to 18 risk tokens (e.g. pennies), game boardUnknownPlaytesting
ThreeStoneTry to build stacks that match your secret goal stacks.2a stash pad, a bag to draw pyramids from, shieldsStacking, Hidden informationInitial design
UnocittaA Zark City variant using a deck of Uno™ cards25Uno deckUnknownComplete
World War 5A simplified Risk-like game of global conquest24special board, six six-sided diceDice rolling, Stash managementComplete
Zark CityA 3HOUSE reduction of Zarcana, using playing cards25playing cards or Zark City cardsModular board, Hand & stash managementComplete
Zark City (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze zajmują terytorium zbudowane z kart.25talia 52 kart do gryDokładanie piramidek, Tworzenie planszyComplete
ZigguratA push-and-shove race around and up the sides of a pyramid.24A chessboard or Ziggurat board; two d8 or one d6Blocking, Roll and movePlaytesting