Games in Design Stage Nearly Complete

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There are 8 games in the Nearly Complete stage.

Name Description Min Players Max Players Status Year Released
Martian Gunslinger An abstract Western theme boardgame with a checkerboard 2 4 Nearly Complete 2006
Colorblind A color mixing logic game 2 Nearly Complete 2007
Crossroads A game of placing pyramids and tracing paths 3 5 Nearly Complete 2007
Stacktics A 3House game for 2 players. The goal is to capture half of your opponents' force (by pip count) before he can do the same to you. 2 Nearly Complete 2007
Trap-Towers Tiny single-nest game for two 2 Nearly Complete 2009
Block ur Friends aka BurF Inspired by the game Saikoro where board options are removed, in this one it fills 2 4 Nearly Complete 2011
Ice Colony A game of trying to build up your colony and take control of a variety of terrain and eliminate your opponent. 2 4 Nearly Complete 2011
Ice Stalks Draw magic rocks to grow colored stalks 2 4 Nearly Complete 2012