Games released in 2004

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There are 19 games known to this wiki published in 2004.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersGame MechanicsYear
AntshouseAnts running the gauntlet over a pavement while mean kids tries to splat them.24Unknown2004
ArenaRoll a D20 to knock down as many pyramids as possible24Unknown2004
Binary HomeworldsA 2-player variant of the standard Homeworlds game2Color powers, Resource management2004
Ice PalaceA game of simple mechanics but complex interactions where players compete to win “hands” and ultimately control the construction of the Ice Palace.36Placement, Pyramid draw2004
Ice SoloA solitaire game of tower and nest building.1Unknown2004
Icebomb Arena45Unknown2004
Icehouse Plant GameGrow your pieces toward the sun34Unknown2004
King o' the CastleA strategy game where players try to invade one another's castles2Unknown2004
LimnA Balderdash-style bluffing game410Unknown2004
Martian ShogiChess/shogi variant with pyramids.2Unknown2004
Missile CommandUse your Missile Batteries offensively to uncover and eliminate enemy Presidents while at the same time defending your own President from attack.210Unknown2004
Moscow IceThis is Chinese checkers for pyramids with some twists.24Unknown2004
Space MinesA freeform game of asteroid mining and corporate combat24Unknown2004
SpellcyclesCast complex spells on other players and gain prestige.25Unknown2004
Icehouse Null GameThe Game of Playing with Pyramids1100Unknown2004
Turning PointsPyramids spin like interconnected gears as each new piece is added16Reactions2004
UndercutIn Undercut, players try to bid low to get pieces with the lowest value.35Unknown2004
Venusian BowlingRoll a D20 at pyramids to knock them down26Unknown2004
What Blind Ninjas?A game of moving silently and striking carefully24Unknown2004