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There are 62 games playable with six or more people.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersNumber of colorsTrios per colorOther EquipmentGame MechanicsStatus
Alchemy ICENoughts and crosses with randomized "symbols" of five different types.2655Chessboard, Opaque bagStacking, Capture, Tile placementComplete
AlheimurAn Icehouse space exploration game that uses an Aquarius deck.2825Aquarius deck, 3d6UnknownPlaytesting
AmoebaA science themed game with an ever-increasing board size.261 per player516 Poker Chips per playerPlacementComplete
Ballistic WarsA pure strategy game of knocking down enemy walls3645toothpickUnknownPlaytesting
Bottoms UpA stacking game with color powers for 4 to 6 players4665Opaque bagUnknownPlaytesting
Chain ReactionFire 'particles' at 'atoms' and direct the chain reaction to let you capture pieces2665Volcano boardStacking, PlacementPlaytesting
Civil-ice-ation3675chessboard, playing cards, pawns, tokens, opaque bagUnknownComplete
Crystal FormationCreate crystals formed into trees while trying to influence the development of your opponents nodes.261 per player5 or moreChessboardStacking, PlacementComplete
Crystal TradersTrade crystals with people from other worlds3645timerUnknownPlaytesting
The Crystal in my PocketA collaborative fiction game3845UnknownInitial design
Dog Eat DogAn abstract game of strategy and luck for 2 or more players2845six-sided diceUnknownUnknown
E, the Game of Martian Chinese Checkers261 per player5hex boardUnknownComplete
EfniUse pyramids to win Fluxx goals261 per player5 or less (depending on number of players)Fluxx deckSet collection, Hidden informationComplete
The Fast and Ferocious; or, Black IceA racing game with multiple tracks and self-placed obstacles.2651Three six-sided die, a 'Yes/No' chip, the board, obstacle, pointing finger, and Black Ice pieces.RaceInitial design
GeodetoPlanet Earth is full of beautiful and interesting places.2661Pyramideto cardsUnknownComplete
GeomancyThe Game of Casting and Recasting261 per player5ChessboardUnknownUnknown
GnosticaGnostica, an updated version of Zarcana, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Tarot cards.261 per player5deck of Tarot cardsModular board, Card gameComplete
GravityPlaneA 2-8 player variant on Martian Coasters281 per player1Two Martian Coaster SetsUnknownPlaytesting
HomeworldsA strategy game of starships, transformation, and negotiation2645Homeworld markers (optional) and good/evil markers (optional)UnknownComplete
Homeworlds (German)Ein Strategiespiel um epische Weltraumschlachten2654Spielkarten (für Original Homeworlds)UnknownComplete
How Pretty Is That?Players take turns making trees and placing them on a mega-volcano board1996+5Mega-Volcano boardUnknownUnknown
Ice MarketA real-time trading game3645poker deck, pen, paper, timerUnknownComplete
Ice PalaceA game of simple mechanics but complex interactions where players compete to win “hands” and ultimately control the construction of the Ice Palace.361 per player + 25A smooth surface; an opaque bag, a markerPlacement, Pyramid drawComplete
Ice PointsAn entirely luck driven card battle over a bank of pyramid points.581 per player5Playing cardsUnknownInitial design
Ice StackersA dexterous stacking race game.2651 per playerA single coinUnknownComplete
Ice Tiddly WinksA quick dexterity game with simultaneous play161 per player5Good size playing surfaceDexterityComplete
IceTowersControl the most valuable towers261 per player5playing surfaceStacking pyramids, TurnlessComplete
IceTradersStarships battle for Good and Evil2645playing surfaceBoard gameUnknown
Interstellar ConquestBe the first alien race to set up four colonies in your opponents star systems.281 per player5Piecepack, BagUnknownComplete
JewellersOur jewelry has always been taken care of by masters from Florence, Italy, the famous Piccolo-Espresso family.285 or 61poker cardsUnknownComplete
Looney LudoNavigate an ever-changing maze and collect the right pieces to win261 per player12 Six-sided dice, Treehouse die, Looney Ludo boardsStacking, Dynamic boardComplete
MadRobotsAn rough initial design2853chessboard, timer, player screenProgrammable MovementInitial Design
Martian BowlingA dexterity game with random setup2645Dexterity, Random SetupComplete
Martian CoastersThe Beverage-Coaster Treehouse Board Game261 per player1Six-sided die, Treehouse die, Looney Ludo boards or Martian CoastersStacking, Dynamic boardComplete
Martian Coasters (Polish)Gra rozgrywająca się na podkładkach Martian Coasters261 na gracza1podkładki Martian CoastersPodkładki, Rzuty kościąComplete
Martian ColonistsA resource gathering race, vaguely inspired by Settlers of Catan and a set of dice that match the colours of Icehouse pyramids281 per player + 15Piecepack: 1-3 sets. Some coloured dice, see rules. Aquarius. Opaque bag.UnknownInitial design
Martian PokerIcehouse Additions to an Earthling Standard261 per person5Playing CardsUnknownPlaytesting
Martian QuiltingAssembling pyramidal pieces261 per player54x4 board, "needle" tokenUnknownUnknown
Martian RiskMartian armies invade Earth361 per player5any large map, 25 tokens, D4sUnknownComplete
NimitzA multiplayer combinatorial game with a very loose association to the game Nim.26511 Martian Coaster or 1 Volcano BoardStacking, PlacementInitial design
Oi! That's My Phish!A tile collection game inspired by Hey! That's My Fish.291 per player11 Piecepack set per three players. All the plastic cards in your wallet.Pyramid sliding, Tile collectingInitial design
Plutonian PokerPoker (sort-of) but with more stacking and pyramids. Played with 2 or more people.2651 per player + 1StackingComplete
Rat PatrolA precursor to the game Turtler265180 specialized cards, chessboard, D8UnknownInitial design
Ricochet PyramidsSimultaneous real-time searching for the shortest solution to move a robot to a goal.2835Chessboard, TimerMovement, PuzzleComplete
Shield BashersIn Shield Bashers, spaceships battle through interaction of hidden shields.261 per player + 35chessboard or Tri-Chess setUnknownInitial design
Snowball Fight!A war game where you try to capture all the pieces.2853Placement, CaptureInitial design
SpectraA game of color theory2685Opaque bagUnknownUnknown
SprawlCompetitive city building381 per player5ChessboardBuilding, AttackingComplete
T-MinusIt's Not Rocket Science.261 per player3three six-sided dice, 12 to 18 risk tokens (e.g. pennies), game boardUnknownPlaytesting
TMAG: The Martian Assassination GameBe the first victim to reach all of the bases391 per player4piecepackUnknownUnknown
Take It Or Leave ItA "Press Your Luck" style Treehouse game2651Opaque bag, Dealer chip, Pencil and paperPress your luck, Drawing from a bagUnknown
Tour de PyramideA bicycle race simulation set in the French mountains165 to 101 to 5tokens, Playing cardsUnknownComplete
TriforceIn Triforce, players combat for control over a portion of a triangular playing field.361 per player + 35d20, d12s, pawnsUnknownInitial design
Turning PointsPyramids spin like interconnected gears as each new piece is added1641ReactionsComplete
U.S. PresidentWill you be the next US President? Place your pyramids to control key states.261 per player3Modified map and State cardsPlacement, Territorial controlComplete
Vankor Gang WarsA game of revolution and city takeover, for many players481 per player2Board, 3d6DestructionUnknown
Venusian BowlingRoll a D20 at pyramids to knock them down2615D20, MousepadUnknownComplete
Viribus UnitisControl key regions of a language map of Austria-Hungary, as in U.S. President361 per player3Modified map and cardsPlacement, Territorial controlComplete
YshuisAn abstract strategy game for two or more players (inspired by the game Y.)26511 "Official" Y board.Placement, MovementInitial design
ZendoPlayers achieve satori when they discover the secret rule that explains which koans have the elusive Buddha-nature3745marking stones (~20 in each of 3 colors)UnknownComplete
Zoink!A game of chance by stealing and regaining pieces.261 per player5six-sided die, Zoink! playing cardsStrategic collectionInitial design
Zoning OutSolo game of urban zoning under constraints19953Opaque bagUnknownComplete