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Games in this category require boards that are specific to that game, and not easily adaptable from other games. A good description or picture of the board should be included with the game description.--

Necessary Custom Board Dimensions for Board Makers[edit | edit source]

You may want to know what dimensions are required to allow spaces, tiles or other board sections to contain pyramids. This concern divides into two pyramid orientation classes: flat or upright (see Orientation).

To contain upright pyramids, each space must circumscribe the square. If you want square spaces to fit large upright treehouse pyramids, for instance, each needs to be at least 1" on each side when the pyramids should align with space sides, or at least 1 7/16" if the pyramids' corners should touch the middle of the tile sides. Also, for any shape board tile that can contain a circle of diameter 1 7/16", then an upright large treehouse pyramid will also fit there facing any direction.

To contain flat pyramids, each space must circumscribe the isosceles triangle. A square, hexagonal, deltoid or other shaped space that circumscribes a circle that circumscribes the isosceles triangle may contain a flat pyramid pointing any direction. For large treehouse pyramids, with height 1 3/4" and width 1", board spaces should fit a circle 1 31/32" in diameter.

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