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Welcome to the Icehouse community wiki. This site is NOT affiliated with or Looney Labs, Icehouse's inventors. This site is by and for those who enjoy pyramid games.

A game of Timelock in progress, one of the many games featured here on

Playing games and designing games[edit | edit source]

This site is not only a resource for people who want to play games. It's also a playground for people who want to design games. We use the Icehouse game system because it is especially versatile. If you play IceTowers, Zendo, and Homeworlds, the pyramids will take on totally different roles in each game.

When designing games with Icehouse pieces, you are encouraged to break the unwritten rules that players are used to in other games. you have to take turns My pieces are in my color. You have to play on a board.

These games tend to be portable, too. Bring a stash or four, maybe a chessboard bandana or some marking stones, and you're ready to play wherever you go.

How to help us grow[edit | edit source]

Browse our pages and see what we have to see! Along the way, you'll find a page that needs your help. Maybe it needs a picture, or better spelling, or something else that you can do something about. This is a wiki: Dive right in!

If you are the designer of an Icehouse game, or want to be, add your game to the Existing Games or Games Under Development page. Anybody can make a page with the rules for games that already exist (make sure you have permission to do this). For even more possibilities, see the to-do list.

What's all this about "wiki"? I'm confused![edit | edit source]

Do not fret. You can find out all about Wikis and even see the complete primer on editing wiki pages. Finally, if you want to test out editing, the wiki sandbox is a place where you can play around with formatting and styles. People like you are reading and improving 1,124 articles concerning 446 varieties of pyramid games on this site today.