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This is a list of games that require three trios of pyramids per color to play.

For more 3-player games, see also Browse games/Trios per color per player.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersNumber of colorsOther EquipmentStatus
3sticaWhat if Gnostica and Risk had a baby?251 per playerdeck of Tarot cards, FATE dice, turn markerPlaytesting
AgnosticaAgnostica, a simplified version of Gnostica, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Zark City cards.251 per playerdeck of Zark City cards, Color dieComplete
Attack of the MidsA coop game similar to Flash Point: Fire Rescue135Custom board, Custom character cards, Color die, Treehouse die, d4Complete
BabyloneA simple and fast brain teaser for 2 players24Complete
Battle Zone25chessboard, 3 six-sided diceComplete
Binary HomeworldsA 2-player variant of the standard Homeworlds game24NoneComplete
Black ICEThe 3HOUSE game of computer cracking25cloth bag, three Treehouse dice or Lightning diceComplete
BluetorchA quick auction game for three players.330a pair of dice from IceDice, counters of some sort (poker chips, nickels and pennies, etc.)Unknown
Bowler RinkToss a die into the box containing stacks of pyramids. How many can you knock over without ejecting them from the arena?2101 per playerPyramid Arcade or similar box lid, d6 diceComplete
Buyer's Market241 per player + 5Zark City deck, color dieComplete
The Closest GhostA simple game played with pieces of candy23Complete
Color WheelTry to connect all same colored pyramids before time runs out!1510Wheel boardComplete
Conquest of MarsAbstract wargame using pyramids, cards, and dice245handful of assorted polyhedral dice, playing cardsPlaytesting
The CrossingChinese Checkers variant. Be the first to get your pieces to the opposite corner.2428x8 gridComplete
Crystal HabitA game of mineralogy. Create crystal composites of different sizes and composition.251 per playerInitial design
DectanaTerritory game like Zarcana/Gnostica, but using the Decktet251 per playerTwo DecktetsComplete
DragonflockDragons intimidate each other and lay waste to hapless towns22Volcano boardUnknown
Egyptian SolitaireA solitaire puzzle game combining Peg Solitaire with a Rubik's Cube.1443x4 grid of squaresComplete
Elemental TowersA solitaire game played with an Aquarius deck15Aquarius DeckComplete
ElementalistUse the elements at your disposal and wage epic war against an opponent!25Initial design
European WarA variation on Andy Looney's World War 5.245deck of cardsComplete
Force Field FactionsAn abstract strategy game loosely inspired by Homeworlds and RAMBots210ChessboardInitial design
FoxtrotAn abstract game of alignment235Playtesting
Green HijinksA luck-free variant of Pink Hijinks213x3 gridComplete
HomejinksTiny space combat inspired by Homeworlds231color dieComplete
Homeworlds SettlersPlayers vie for resources on a conquered Homeworld.24Homeworlds Settlers BoardComplete
Ice DraughtsAdvanced variant of Draughts241 per playerChessboard or Chess WedgesPlaytesting
IceToidsExplore a board made of print-and-play cards.241 per playerSpecial tilesComplete
IsokuLike Sudoku, but with pyramids.1499 Martian CoastersInitial design
Jinxx241 per playerPyramid die, Hijinks boardComplete
KumbhaAquarius for IceHouse255Envelope, Opaque Bag, some PaperPlaytesting
La Columna de TrajanoAn abstract strategy board game of elimination for Icehouse259x2 boardUnknown
La Linterna de Lisi­cratesAn abstract strategy game of stacking25Martian coastersPlaytesting
Lava FlowsA quick strategy game that rewards clever tactics and a sharp memory223x3 gridComplete
LoggerA lumberjack-themed game for 2-4 players244 to 7Volcano caps, 5x5 board, Player tokensComplete
Lunar InvadersInterlunar teleportation death struggle!22moon boards (Cosmic Coasters), diceComplete
MadRobotsAn rough initial design285chessboard, timer, player screenInitial Design
MaliceAn abstract strategy game of piece movement, capture and teleportation.22Playtesting
Martian CheckersPieces jump and immediately capture22Playtesting
Martian ChessColorless simplified chess nevertheless has subtle strategy241 per playerChessboardComplete
Martian MerchantsA pickup-and-deliver puzzle game245Pyramid dieComplete
Martian Tic-Tac-ToeTic-Tac-Toe with Icehouse pieces22Three-by-three grid (or part of a chessboard)Complete
Nightmare PachisiA multitrack linear wargame2447x7 board, D4sPlaytesting
NimbusA multiplayer combinatorial game with an icy association to the game Nim.2105ChessboardPlaytesting
Paint the LineTry to build the largest groups out of captured pyramids.242x6 & 3x6 boardsComplete
Peaceful HomeworldsPeaceful Homeworlds centers on gathering crystals rather than invasion.24NoneUnknown
Petal BattleTwo groups of insects battle for control of a flower24Daisy boardComplete
Petri DishBacteria fight for dominion inside a Petri Dish2101 per playerWheel board, Three Lightning dice, Extra tokenComplete
PhalansteryOrganize a harmonious group within the utopian phalanx1210Volcano board, 5 Volcano caps, set of double-six dominoesPlaytesting
Pink HijinksA tiny game of Pyramids213x3 grid, Pyramid dieComplete
PowerhouseCollect exactly five pyramids in one size but five different colors.255Drawstring bag, Any three diceComplete
PungoA game of Pungo setup and ready to play21two 3x4 boards, six-sided dieComplete
Pyramid BallA game of sports and programmable movement25chessboard, timer, player screenComplete
PyrinoesDominoes, with extra pyramids25A set of double-6 dominoes, a bit of space and something to keep scoreComplete
RockPaperPyramidA multidimensional version of Rock Paper Scissors33Complete
Sandships241 per player + 1Three Lightning dice, Sandships boardComplete
SkurðirAn Icehouse Transportation Game255NoneComplete
Sky RiseA game of hidden agendas and tower construction255 or 6A deck of playing cards, Twin Win cards, Turn token, Paper and pencilComplete
Snowball Fight!A war game where you try to capture all the pieces.285Initial design
SolomidsA solo game of stacking, sliding, and swapping15Complete
SpellcyclesCast complex spells on other players and gain prestige.256chessboard, index cards, pencils, playing cards, six-sided die, counters, chess pieces or checkersComplete
Spy vs SpyCollect all the pieces of the Thingamajig, avoid the other spy and the police, and get out alive!210Two six-sided dice, Two d8s, 2 dice bags, 5x5 Volcano board, 2 dividersUnknown
Squares of DetonationA game of Civil Engineering. And Dynamite.243 or 42d6, BoardComplete
StackticsA 3House game for 2 players. The goal is to capture half of your opponents' force (by pip count) before he can do the same to you.22Volcano boardNearly Complete
T-MinusIt's Not Rocket Science.261 per playerthree six-sided dice, 12 to 18 risk tokens (e.g. pennies), game boardPlaytesting
ThreeStoneTry to build stacks that match your secret goal stacks.25a stash pad, a bag to draw pyramids from, shieldsInitial design
U.S. PresidentWill you be the next US President? Place your pyramids to control key states.261 per playerModified map and State cardsComplete
UnocittaA Zark City variant using a deck of Uno™ cards255Uno deckComplete
VerticalityBuild the tallest tower!1510Pyramid die, Zark City CardsComplete
Viribus UnitisControl key regions of a language map of Austria-Hungary, as in U.S. President361 per playerModified map and cardsComplete
VolcanoA puzzle game inspired by the spewing eruptions of volcanoes2310Volcano boardComplete
WarpShipsA freeform-board spaceship maneuvering game244pyramid die, Starship Captain tinComplete
World War 5A simplified Risk-like game of global conquest245special board, six six-sided diceComplete
Zark CityA 3HOUSE reduction of Zarcana, using playing cards251 per playerplaying cards or Zark City cardsComplete
Zark City (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze zajmują terytorium zbudowane z kart.251 na graczatalia 52 kart do gryComplete
ZigguratA push-and-shove race around and up the sides of a pyramid.244A chessboard or Ziggurat board; two d8 or one d6Playtesting
Zoning OutSolo game of urban zoning under constraints1995Opaque bagComplete