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This is a list of all games that debuted in 2009. This page was used to organize and manage the 2009 Ice Awards contest amongst the judges.

Game Designer Reviewer Comments
WINNER - - -
Quicksand Erik Oosterwal - BGG link
Finalists - -
Crosswalk Robb Bates - BGG link
Stack Control Robert Dudley - BGG link
Semi-finalists - -
3-High Jason Troutman - BGG link
Apophis Erik Dresner - BGG link
Behind Enemy Lines Ryan Keiser - -
Dectana Ryan Hackel - BGG link
Infiltrate Robert Dudley - BGG link
Ziggurat Bryan Stout - -
Cut in the second pass
Amoeba Erik Oosterwal Erik Oosterwal Withdrawn in preference to Quicksand.
Capture the Card Rachel Zomerfeld Bryan Stout Not developed enough to be a finalist.
Capture the Flag Erik Oosterwal Erik Oosterwal Withdrawn in preference to Quicksand.
Diamond Mine Sam Zitin Sam Zitin Withdrawn by the designer.
Hexachess Erik Oosterwal Erik Oosterwal Withdrawn in preference to Quicksand.
Spectrum Erik Dresner Erik Dresner Withdrawn in preference to Apophis.
Cut in the first pass, or ineligible
Accelerator Julien Griffon Julien Griffon Designer has disqualified this game as underdeveloped
Around & Around Katelynn Simcox Bryan Stout No
Ascendancy Dan Leonard Eric Wald No; too random for skill to shine.
Candy Capture Nicole Najaka Bryan Stout No
CoverFire Ian Bates Eric Wald No; rules need serious work.
Dash Alexa Curvey Bryan Stout No
Deathrace - Ryan Hackel Minimally developed, unplayable as written
Dodger Erik Oosterwal Ryan Hackel No.
The Fast and Ferocious; or, Black Ice Todd Oravic Bryan Stout Needs game files
Fire-Ice-Slime Steve Beard Scott Myers Cute implementation. fFun Kids game maybe. No.
Fleet Josh Cole Bryan Stout Rules too ambiguous; no.
High Rise Blake Cetnar Bryan Stout No
Horde Runners Tom Mike Bryan Stout Promising start, needs more development; No
Ice House Bowling Zachary Roberts Bryan Stout No
Ice Points "startrek" Bryan Stout No
Icehouse Baseball Ryan Baron Bryan Stout No
IceRace Samantha Valentine Bryan Stout No
Isoku Erik Oosterwal Scott Myers No
Landing Zone Carlton Noles Scott Myers No
Leech Carlton Noles Scott Myers Overly complex to be so simple. No.
Nothing Beats a Large Andy Looney - Sorry, Andy. Your games are not eligible. We love you!
One Square at a Time to the Capture Kaitlin Barrett Bryan Stout No
Oshugo Josh Cole Bryan Stout Rules too ambiguous; a reluctant No.
Polymer Chains Erik Oosterwal Ryan Hackel No. Too few meaningful decisions.
Race to the Top "starwars" Bryan Stout No
RAMbots Factory Blake Cetnar Bryan Stout No
Tactonix Carlton Noles Scott Myers Interesting but complex. No.
Tower Defense Josh Cole Scott Myers No
Trap-Towers Max Allen Scott Myers Short and simple. Probably too simple. No.
Tree House Rush Sean Ryan Bryan Stout No
Treehouse Snakes and Ladders Bryan Stout Scott Myers No
Tri-Prism Face Off Megan Parsi Bryan Stout Needs game files.
Unocitta Steve Beard Scott Myers No
Who_Made_The_Team Did PGames Scott Myers Poorly written, but playable. No.
Topple Amanda Readinger Bryan Stout No
Switch House! "courtney" Bryan Stout No
Zoink! Melissa Caprio Bryan Stout Rules too ambiguous; No