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This is a list of games that require one trio of pyramids per color to play.

See also Browse games/One color for more games.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersNumber of colorsOther EquipmentStatus
3-HighCooperatively assemble the five trees without running out of cards.145Chessboard, Playing cardsComplete
ApophisA real-time co-op game of saving the world from an asteroid145Six-sided die, Playing cards, Timer, 5 CountersComplete
Around & AroundTreehouse game where players race to the Safe House245N/AUnknown
Atom SmasherA game of dexterity inspired by billiards, carrom, and marbles21001One token per player, some form of relatively smooth playing surfaceComplete
Battle RoyalA Chesslike game for a TreeHouse set241 per playerchessboardUnknown
Bears, Foxes & HaresA race to the center241 per player + 11 six-sided die, unique boardComplete
BoundaryTransfer pyramids to the other world.246x6 board, 2 stones in each of 2 colorsComplete
Candy CaptureEarn the most points once all candy pieces are captured25Custom board, Custom cards, Candy pieces (M&M's are ideal) or beadsInitial design
Chicken RunA whimsical chicken roundup with overly enthusiastic spectators210A 5x9 grid (a chessboard is suitable; see below), 2 six-sided diceComplete
ColonizationA game of space conquest mixing light strategy and luck.245Treehouse dieComplete
ColorblindA color mixing logic game29 (one opaque)A six-sided die per playerNearly Complete
Colorful CluesA deduction game where players try to guess the missing colors2410pen&paper, Opaque bagComplete
ContinuumUse pyramids and a poker deck to get your trees to exchange places22Playing cardsPlaytesting
CoverFireA war-game with programmed movement246x6 gridInitial design
CrossroadsA game of placing pyramids and tracing paths355Paper, colored markers or crayons, stringNearly Complete
Crosswalk251 Six-sided dieComplete
DashBe the first to finish.255Custom board, Custom cardsInitial design
Der MarsigelwettkampfA prickly pyramid game2131 per player1 six-sided dieComplete
DogFightA war-game with programmed movement25Initial design
Dragon GardensCultists work to build a garden worthy of dragon worship and performing rituals241 per playerDecktetUnknown
Emperor's GardenTry destroying the Fujiwara clan to assert the new Emperor's power241 per player + 1Hanafuda cards, VP markersComplete
The Fast and Ferocious; or, Black IceA racing game with multiple tracks and self-placed obstacles.265Three six-sided die, a 'Yes/No' chip, the board, obstacle, pointing finger, and Black Ice pieces.Initial design
Fire-Ice-SlimeA very fast and simple, 2-player, 1 Treehouse game, similar to Rock-Scissors-Paper.25Complete
FleetA space fleet game255A few coinsPlaytesting
GeodetoPlanet Earth is full of beautiful and interesting places.266Pyramideto cardsComplete
Gleebs and GruesAbsorb your enemies while trying not to be eaten by a grue.254x4 boardComplete
GravityPlaneA 2-8 player variant on Martian Coasters281 per playerTwo Martian Coaster SetsPlaytesting
Gygès (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze przemieszczają piramidy na szachownicy.21szachownicaUnknown
HivemindA real-time cooperative game with no communication249Opaque bag, Player screens, Colour stripComplete
I Have ColorA color based children's word game.2125An opaque bag or boxComplete
Ice Caps25Volcano BoardInitial design
Ice House BowlingA game using IceHouse pieces for bowling.210042 six-sided dice, blank sheet of paper for scoresInitial design
Ice RaceRace opponents on a track using traditional and Treehouse dice.2441 six-sided die and 1 Treehouse dieInitial design
Ice-TurnPyramid version of Q-Turn.2451 Q-Turn set, Goal tiles, Treehouse die, 1d6Complete
IceGolfIcehouse Golf, using a stash tube as the club11001 per player or fewerMartian Coasters (optional), Treehouse tubeComplete
The IceStarA geometrical puzzle game.16TapeComplete
IkkozendoA Zendo variant with a limited number of pyramids and players210052 colors of marking stones (1 of each)Complete
JewellersOur jewelry has always been taken care of by masters from Florence, Italy, the famous Piccolo-Espresso family.285 or 6poker cardsComplete
JuxtaposePlayers play a 'tic-tac-toe'-like game using a 4x4 board and a single stash of pieces from a common pool.2454x4 boardUnknown
KaeruJumping from waterlily to waterlily, your frogs try to eat the prey they like the most221 Aquarius deckComplete
LockpickA solitaire lock-picking challenge15Color die, six-sided die, Zark City deckComplete
Looney LudoNavigate an ever-changing maze and collect the right pieces to win261 per player2 Six-sided dice, Treehouse die, Looney Ludo boardsComplete
Martian 8-BallFive-handed Martian Coasters for two!25Treehouse die, six-sided die, Martian Coasters, Black Martian CoasterComplete
Martian Coaster ChaturangaMartian Chess-like game; get the most points at end245Set of Martian Coasters, Treehouse dieComplete
Martian CoastersThe Beverage-Coaster Treehouse Board Game261 per playerSix-sided die, Treehouse die, Looney Ludo boards or Martian CoastersComplete
Martian Coasters (Polish)Gra rozgrywająca się na podkładkach Martian Coasters261 na graczapodkładki Martian CoastersComplete
Martian ShuffleboardA game of dexterous strategy for 2 to 10 players.2101 per playerA table or large game board off of which pieces can slidePlaytesting
Martian TrickeryA trick-taking game where you earn pyramids by winning tricks345One deck of standard playing cards and a way to keep scoreInitial design
Martianopolis 500Zip around the track to the finish.241 per player12 Chessboard wedges, playing cards, marking stonesPlaytesting
Moon ShotA game of dexterous strategy for any number of players.11001A smooth surface; one Treehouse tube (or one tube per player for the turnless variation)Complete
NimitzA multiplayer combinatorial game with a very loose association to the game Nim.2651 Martian Coaster or 1 Volcano BoardInitial design
Node WarsThe metagame of playing the three (or four) games of the Node Wars trilogy, simultaneously or in sequence.23 or more56x6 gridInitial design
NomidsA fast and very easy game with a simple goal: get rid of all your pyramids first. First player with no 'mids wins!21010Lightning dieComplete
Nothing Beats a LargeA simple and quick single Treehouse set game with goals255Twin Win deckComplete
Oi! That's My Phish!A tile collection game inspired by Hey! That's My Fish.291 per player1 Piecepack set per three players. All the plastic cards in your wallet.Initial design
One Square at a Time to the CaptureAdvance to capture the giant.245Six-sided die, Custom board, Custom cardsPlaytesting
OshugoA somewhat quick penny-flipping game22PenniesInitial design
Par-Trees-iGet all your pieces to the center goal241 per playerVolcano board, one six-sided dieComplete
Pass The PyramidsA "Dicehouse" game for 3 to 5 players.351 per player18 to 30 tokensComplete
Penguin MarathonAn epic race on the slippery Martian slopes251 per playerMartian CoastersPlaytesting
Penguin SoccerA Slide-fest for 2 players23ChessboardComplete
Penguin Soccer (French)Un festival de glisse pour 2 joueurs25ÉchiquierComplete
PentachromeForm chains by color or size to earn points25discs or poker chipsInitial design
PharaohPlayers roll dice to claim the title of the King of The Pyramids241 per playerVolcano Board, six-sided dieComplete
Push-PullA single-stash game for 2 or 4 designed for play with a Treehouse set. It is similar in some ways to Rock-Paper-Scissors and the Prisoner's Dilemma.235Volcano boardComplete
Pushing RaceA race where you’ll need the roll of an Icehouse die to win, but the same roll could force you to help an opponent2413 Martian Coasters (or any 3 x 9-space board), 1 Icehouse dieInitial design
Pyramid PunchA quick game of pyramid combat.251 per playerSix-sided dice, gaming stones, modular 2x2 tilesUnknown
Pyramid ShamboTournament-style Rock Paper Scissors (aka Roshambo), with pyramids used as scoring chips.2101 per playernoneComplete
PyramidetoMatch your secret goal pattern.246Pyramideto cardsUnknown
Pyramids and FlagsMove upper pyramid to create a flag2410goal cardsComplete
Rat PatrolA precursor to the game Turtler26580 specialized cards, chessboard, D8Initial design
Robot Battle ArenaRobot battles. In an arena. OF DEATH.255Two Six-sided diceComplete
SkyscrapersA free-form action and dexterity game for lively party fun.2121+NoneInitial design
Small FlagsTwin Win,TwinWin-like game - move upper pyramid to fit your goals2453x3 boardComplete
Snail InvasionTiny invasive species vs gardener, who will prevail?1253x4 or 3x3 Board, 2 DiceComplete
The SniperSurvive an abduction by outwitting The Sniper45Six-sided die, Playing cards, Timer, 5 CountersInitial design
Sphinx's PawEscape from monsters beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza245Chessboard, Playing cards, Six-sided diePlaytesting
Take It Or Leave ItA "Press Your Luck" style Treehouse game265Opaque bag, Dealer chip, Pencil and paperUnknown
Tic Tac LoopTic Tac Toe on a changing board22Complete
TimelockSomeone's gone and broken the TimeLine again.1210Volcano board, 2 six-sided dice, Treehouse dieComplete
ToripokaA Mini Royal with a wild card.25Playing cards, Opaque bagComplete
Tour de PyramideA bicycle race simulation set in the French mountains165 to 10tokens, Playing cardsComplete
Tower DefenseDefend your headquarters25coinUnknown
Trap-TowersTiny single-nest game for two253x3 boardNearly Complete
Tree House RushAround to the finish.2451 dieInitial design
Tree-HalmaTreehouse update to an older game241 per player + 1Volcano boardUnknown
TreehouseMake your trio match the House trio before anyone else241 per player + 1Treehouse dieComplete
Treehouse (Polish)Gra oparta na kostce Treehouse241kostka Treehouse (w zestawie)Complete
Treehouse Snakes and LaddersSnakes & Ladders with pyramids, real decisions, and lots of player interaction.255A Snakes & Ladders game board; two dice, d6 or d8Playtesting
Tri-Prism Face OffA game of luck and some strategy in which each player races to get their Icehouse pieces to the finish line first251 per player1 die, 22in. x 28in. boardPlaytesting
TriangulationA war-game with programmed movement245beads, rulerInitial design
Trip AwayBe the first player with no pieces in front of you244Treehouse dieComplete
TroikaTic-Tac-Toe in 3D26Color die, 3x3 gridComplete
TubeTanksA war-game with programmed movement243x6 gridInitial design
Turning PointsPyramids spin like interconnected gears as each new piece is added164Complete
Twin WinA simple and quick single Treehouse set game with changing goals2353x3 board; Twin Win deckComplete
TöframennA fantasy strategy game where wizards, experts in a variety of elemental arts (represented by nine colors), face off in a battle of good verses evil.29chessboardUnknown
UberMartian CoastersVariation of Martian Coasters published by Looney Labs2101 per playerMartian Coasters, D6, D12Complete
Virus Fight (Spanish)Un juego de combate entre virus informáticos255Tablero de 5x5 o 6x6. Ficheros de ayuda opcionales y peones huecos/pirámides pequeñas de otros colores no usados/Volcano Caps.Complete
Walk Like an EgyptianWalk like an Egyptian by racing back and forth across a chessboard with checkers-like movement.241 per playerChessboardComplete
WormholesA mind-warping space battle for 2 or more players.2101 per playerOne Martian Coaster per player; one six-sided dieUnknown
YshuisAn abstract strategy game for two or more players (inspired by the game Y.)2651 "Official" Y board.Initial design
Zamboni WarsWhat could possibly be cooler than driving a Zamboni? How about armor plating your Zamboni and arming it with a giant, frickin' laser!241 per playerMartian Coasters, 1 six-sided dieComplete