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This is a list of games that have a complexity of medium.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersNumber of colorsTrios per colorGame MechanicsStatus
3sticaWhat if Gnostica and Risk had a baby?251 per player3Modular board, Card game, FATE dicePlaytesting
AbiegnusRosicrucian Volcano1255Eruption, DivinationComplete
AcceleratorScientists compete to get the most particles out of an accelerator2422Rotation, Free pyramid choiceInitial design
Advanced ColonizationA game of space combat and expansion.252UnknownComplete
Agents of M.A.R.S.A game of altering the board state to fulfill your secret objective and mess with your opponent's presumed objective235UnknownComplete
AlbiorixA chess-like game without captures225Chess-likeComplete
Alchemy ICENoughts and crosses with randomized "symbols" of five different types.2655Stacking, Capture, Tile placementComplete
AntshouseAnts running the gauntlet over a pavement while mean kids tries to splat them.241 per player5UnknownComplete
ArmadaIn Armada, a fleet of fast, maneuverable ships does battle with a fleet of slow, powerful ships.215Measured movementComplete
Armada 2KIn Armada 2K, fleets of warships do battle on the open seas.2101 per player5Measured movementComplete
AutomatonThis is a Robotic Combat game2445Simultaneous actionComplete
Autumn AshA strategic game of color change.2102Stacking, MovementComplete
Battle RoyalA Chesslike game for a TreeHouse set241 per player1UnknownUnknown
Battle of the Body SnatchersCapture more villagers and enemy aliens than your opponent.245CapturingComplete
Bears, Foxes & HaresA race to the center241 per player + 11UnknownComplete
Blockade3D race game265Roll-and-moveComplete
BoundaryTransfer pyramids to the other world.241Race, BlockingComplete
Branches & Twigs & ThornsPlayers build branching tree structures from a root, trying to always branch from their own pieces, not their opponent's.241 per player5UnknownComplete
Buyer's Market241 per player + 53 to 4Building, BiddingComplete
CalderaThe Volcano variant with the hole in the middle, tree collection, and power plays2356Stacking, Set collectionComplete
CapstoneIn Capstone, players try to build stacks that match their secret goal stacks.245Stacking, Hidden informationComplete
Capture The CardUse Icehouse pieces and strategy to capture cards.245UnknownUnknown
Capture the CardUse Icehouse pieces and strategy to capture a royal flush.224Strategic movementUnknown
Cardinal ConnectionsIn Cardinal Connections, players try to make more pyramids point towards themselves than toward the other players.2415BoardComplete
CascadesA two-player mountaineering race.232Movement, CardsPlaytesting
Chicken RunA whimsical chicken roundup with overly enthusiastic spectators2101Equipment/Chessboard, Equipment/DiceComplete
Circuit ConnectionA connection game of position where you score points for groups on a board I made235Connection, Positional playInitial design
Cliff MiningUse your deduction skills to work out what's in the cliff351 per player + 12Hidden Information, DeductionPlaytesting
Cold SpellSpell the most valuable words with your tiles2415Collect and spell wordsComplete
ColonizationA game of space conquest mixing light strategy and luck.2451 (2 for 3-4 players)Stacking, Color powersComplete
Conquest of MarsAbstract wargame using pyramids, cards, and dice2453Dice combat, Poker handsPlaytesting
ContinuumUse pyramids and a poker deck to get your trees to exchange places221UnknownPlaytesting
The CrossingChinese Checkers variant. Be the first to get your pieces to the opposite corner.2423Move, JumpComplete
CryosquareDynamic two-player, two-stash connection game played on a chessboard.225ConnectionInitial design
Crystal CavernsRPG played on a playing card dungeon map1555BoardUnknown
Crystal City CatanColonial building in the style of The Settlers of Catan card game265Resource ManagementComplete
Crystal HabitA game of mineralogy. Create crystal composites of different sizes and composition.251 per player3 to 5StackingInitial design
Crystal WarsWargame played on Martian Coasters2455BoardPlaytesting
The Crystal in my PocketA collaborative fiction game3845UnknownInitial design
DeceptionIn Deception, players try to get their secret pyramid to the other end of the board while avoiding capture.265UnknownInitial design
Dragon's HoardBe the hero who escapes the dungeon with the most treasure before sunset.144-95RPGComplete
E, the Game of Martian Chinese Checkers261 per player5UnknownComplete
EOFPlayers use icehouse pieces to make patterns in a data stream.2445UnknownPlaytesting
EfniUse pyramids to win Fluxx goals261 per player5 or less (depending on number of players)Set collection, Hidden informationComplete
Egyptian SolitaireA solitaire puzzle game combining Peg Solitaire with a Rubik's Cube.1443Stacking, EliminationComplete
ElementalistUse the elements at your disposal and wage epic war against an opponent!253Direct conflictInitial design
Emperor's GardenTry destroying the Fujiwara clan to assert the new Emperor's power241 per player + 11Victory points, GuessingComplete
ErebusicehouseA darkly-themed game of Life, Death, War, Disease, and Soul collection265UnknownUnknown
European WarA variation on Andy Looney's World War 5.2453UnknownComplete
EvacuateGet your Stacktor clans out of burning nightclubs before your rival/s manage/s to do the same.2445, 4 for a 2-player gameStacking, PlacementPlaytesting
ExtinctionTwo races of creatures fight to make the other go extinct.225CaptureComplete
The Fast and Ferocious; or, Black IceA racing game with multiple tracks and self-placed obstacles.2651RaceInitial design
FleetA space fleet game2551 - 2UnknownPlaytesting
Force Field FactionsAn abstract strategy game loosely inspired by Homeworlds and RAMBots2103UnknownInitial design
GeminiA quick game of luck and strategy24-65UnknownPlaytesting
GeomancyThe Game of Casting and Recasting261 per player5UnknownUnknown
GridironA simple little photo safari game.2452UnknownUnknown
HexanoA variant of Volcano played on a 3x3 hexagonal board instead of a 5x5 square one255EruptionPlaytesting
High GroundA game of strategy and luck that uses playing cards as the board and pyramids as the pieces a la Gnostica.241 per player2Playing card game boardPlaytesting
HomejinksTiny space combat inspired by Homeworlds2313Capture, Freeform BoardComplete
HomeworldsA strategy game of starships, transformation, and negotiation2645UnknownComplete
Homeworlds (German)Ein Strategiespiel um epische Weltraumschlachten2654UnknownComplete
Homeworlds SettlersPlayers vie for resources on a conquered Homeworld.243Placement, Color powers, Turn-based, Movement, Resource management, CaptureComplete
Ice AgeMastodons vs the Hunters215UnknownUnknown
Ice ArenaIce Arena is a tactical arena combat game.2445UnknownInitial design
Ice ColonyA game of trying to build up your colony and take control of a variety of terrain and eliminate your opponent.24105Direct conflict, EliminationNearly Complete
Ice DerbyIce Derby is a tactical Destruction derby game.2454Armada style movement, RammingInitial design
Ice MinersA 2-player game of underground survival inspired by Settlers of Catan.255Resource management, BuildingInitial design
Ice PalaceA game of simple mechanics but complex interactions where players compete to win “hands” and ultimately control the construction of the Ice Palace.361 per player + 25Placement, Pyramid drawComplete
Ice SoloA solitaire game of tower and nest building.14 or 55UnknownComplete
Ice StackersA dexterous stacking race game.2651 per playerUnknownComplete
IceDicePlayers roll dice to select pieces, but roll the same color twice and lose everything you gained this turn!2451 per playerSet collection, Push your luckComplete
IceDuelA miniatures-oriented, arena duel game with an unusual character creation format.2445Color powersInitial design
IceTowersControl the most valuable towers261 per player5Stacking pyramids, TurnlessComplete
IceTradersStarships battle for Good and Evil2645Board gameUnknown
IcecasterA two-fisted spell-casting battle for 2 or more players.21051 per playerDexterity, TurnlessInitial design
IcehouseIcehouse is a real time game with a freeform board, with players placing attacking and defending pieces as rapidly or as cautiously as they want. But don't go into meltdown!351 per player5Real time, Freeform boardComplete
Iceland VolcanoLava flows for points as the volcano erupts!1455Game boardComplete
IglooA turn-based version of Icehouse, with only one color worth points by the end.245UnknownComplete
IkkozendoA Zendo variant with a limited number of pyramids and players210051Turn-based, Inductive logicComplete
Imperial ShuffleBlock your opponent's Emperor from being able to move245UnknownComplete
Interstellar ConquestBe the first alien race to set up four colonies in your opponents star systems.281 per player5UnknownComplete
IririBuild a crossword from a shrinking alien dictionary!225Pattern matchingComplete
JewellersOur jewelry has always been taken care of by masters from Florence, Italy, the famous Piccolo-Espresso family.285 or 61UnknownComplete
KrumpA chess-like game where your movement options increase as the game progresses.225UnknownComplete
Latent BinariesAbide by the rules of binaries... Rely on deductive reasoning and luck to create weaknesses in your opponent's defenses in order to have a clear shot at taking control of their base.2105MovementUnknown
Leaning TowersBuild Out Build Up2101 per player + 15UnknownComplete
LeechCapture your opponents' pieces and their score2452UnknownInitial design
LitrófA chess variation with Icehouse pyramids265UnknownComplete
LockpickA solitaire lock-picking challenge151Equipment/DiceComplete
LoggerA lumberjack-themed game for 2-4 players244 to 73 to 5BoardComplete
Lunar InvadersInterlunar teleportation death struggle!223UnknownComplete
MadRobotsA rough initial design2853Programmable MovementInitial Design
MagnetoIt´s all about opposites.225UnknownUnknown
MaliceAn abstract strategy game of piece movement, capture and teleportation.223Capture, Perfect informationPlaytesting
Martian BattleSpiresMartian BattleSpires is a game of domination by advantage.255Stacking, CapturingPlaytesting
Martian Coaster ChaturangaMartian Chess-like game; get the most points at end2451Dynamic boardComplete
Martian FloodPlayers score points by building ships & towers that survive the floods341 per player5UnknownPlaytesting
Martian GoPlayers build branching tree structures from a root in this predecessor to Branches & Twigs & Thorns.241 per player5Tile placementComplete
Martian MerchantsA pickup-and-deliver puzzle game243 or 43UnknownComplete
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