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NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersNumber of colorsTrios per colorOther EquipmentStatus
PewPewDieA player wields a juggernaut!2002 Pyramid diceComplete
Icehouse Null GameThe Game of Playing with Pyramids110000noneUnknown
BluetorchA quick auction game for three players.3303 Rainbow Stashesa pair of dice from IceDice, counters of some sort (poker chips, nickels and pennies, etc.)Unknown
InfoboxHelp out the wiki by adding infoboxes2, 11001 per player, 05pyramidgames.wikiUnknown
Treehouse (Polish)Gra oparta na kostce Treehouse2411kostka Treehouse (w zestawie)Complete
Gygès (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze przemieszczają piramidy na szachownicy.211szachownicaUnknown
Pushing RaceA race where you’ll need the roll of an Icehouse die to win, but the same roll could force you to help an opponent24113 Martian Coasters (or any 3 x 9-space board), 1 Icehouse dieInitial design
Moon ShotA game of dexterous strategy for any number of players.110011A smooth surface; one Treehouse tube (or one tube per player for the turnless variation)Complete
Atom SmasherA game of dexterity inspired by billiards, carrom, and marbles210011One token per player, some form of relatively smooth playing surfaceComplete
Give or Take21011 per player (3 minimum)Pyramid dieComplete
TrackAngelDeduce the location of your opponent's secret submarine on a chessboard212chessboard, paperInitial design
Pink HijinksA tiny game of Pyramids2133x3 grid, Pyramid dieComplete
HomejinksTiny space combat inspired by Homeworlds2313color dieComplete
PungoA simple abstract game of perfect information involving pyramid movement determined by a 6-sided die, but not in the way you might think.213two 3x4 boards, six-sided dieComplete
Green HijinksA luck-free variant of Pink Hijinks2133x3 gridComplete
Coaster ChessMartian Chess meets Martian Coasters24144 Martian CoastersPlaytesting
Xero-GA quick, accessible game of spaceships and strategy2146x6 gridComplete
Icehouse BaseballA baseball simulation.214six-sided die, Custom board, Custom cardsInitial design
IceHanoiA solo game of trying to turn nests into trees115Initial design
Tugga WarPull twelve pips into your goal2155x7 board, one dieComplete
Cold SpellSpell the most valuable words with your tiles2415An Alpha deck or Scrabble tilesComplete
PumpkinA "first one out of the maze" Halloween game2415Grid, diceInitial design
Venusian BowlingRoll a D20 at pyramids to knock them down2615D20, MousepadComplete
Ice AgeMastodons vs the Hunters215nickels and pennies; Volcano boardUnknown
IceSickleIceSickle is a bit similar to checkers, but was originally inspired by solitaire peg jumping games215Volcano boardComplete
Cardinal ConnectionsIn Cardinal Connections, players try to make more pyramids point towards themselves than toward the other players.2415ChessboardComplete
Icehouse DashBe the first to complete all five trees1415Poker DeckPlaytesting
CathouseCathouse, a game for cats.115CatComplete
DripA stacking game using Icehouse pieces215Treehouse plastic tubeComplete
Rabbit, Fox, BearUncle Remus on Mars1415Martian CoastersUnknown
CentrificeCentrifice is a hurling match, introducing a new mechanic for stackable Icehouse pieces: Centrificeing (hurling your Icehouse pieces with the help of other Icehouse pieces).110015Playtesting
RotationaryRotate pieces in place115noneUnknown
StarRunnersRace through the star system215six-sided dieComplete
CoupTake over a small country35152 decks of cards, jokers, tokensInitial design
EpicycleExchange your pieces for those in a circle. Avoid getting 3 pieces of the same size.215noneComplete
Take That!A short three in a row game where your opponent chooses the piece you have to play215an extra stash of another color is optionalInitial design
ArmadaIn Armada, a fleet of fast, maneuverable ships does battle with a fleet of slow, powerful ships.215Chits to act as damage markersComplete
Giants and DwarvesSingle Stash Game being translated into Treehouse2315Martian Coasters or Mega Volcano Board, diceUnknown
SpikeA strategy game of moves and counter-moves with maze-like aspects215Checkerboard, tokensPlaytesting
Tic Tac Doh!Slightly twisted variant of Tic-Tac-Toe215imaginary boardComplete
TitaniceBe the first to steer your transatlantic liner into an iceberg!2415NoneInitial design
The Great Martian Ice Machine2415Volcano Board and 24 Poker ChipsUnknown
Martian Coasters (Polish)Gra rozgrywająca się na podkładkach Martian Coasters261 na gracza1podkładki Martian CoastersComplete
Zark City (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze zajmują terytorium zbudowane z kart.251 na gracza3talia 52 kart do gryComplete
Pikemen (Polish)Broń swoje jednostki przed szarżującymi pikinierami!241 na gracza5szachownicaComplete
Blam! (Polish)Abstrakcyjna gra planszowa polegająca na wypychaniu piramid przeciwnika poza obręb szachownicy241 na gracza5szachownicaComplete
CrackeD ICE (Polish)Gra zręcznościowa, stąpając po lodzie należy uważać, by się nie załamał.251 na gracza5płyta CD, dodatkowa duża piramidkaComplete
IceTowers (Polish)Kontrola najcenniejszych wież241 na gracza5brakComplete
Torpedo (French)251 par joueur5Une règle (ou mieux, un pointeur laser)Complete
Martian PokerIcehouse Additions to an Earthling Standard261 per person5Playing CardsPlaytesting
Dragon GardensCultists work to build a garden worthy of dragon worship and performing rituals241 per player1DecktetUnknown
Tri-Prism Face OffA game of luck and some strategy in which each player races to get their Icehouse pieces to the finish line first251 per player11 die, 22in. x 28in. boardPlaytesting
UberMartian CoastersVariation of Martian Coasters published by Looney Labs2101 per player1Martian Coasters, D6, D12Complete
Penguin MarathonAn epic race on the slippery Martian slopes251 per player1Martian CoastersPlaytesting
GravityPlaneA 2-8 player variant on Martian Coasters281 per player1Two Martian Coaster SetsPlaytesting
Looney LudoNavigate an ever-changing maze and collect the right pieces to win261 per player12 Six-sided dice, Treehouse die, Looney Ludo boardsComplete
Pyramid ShamboTournament-style Rock Paper Scissors (aka Roshambo), with pyramids used as scoring chips.2101 per player1noneComplete
Pass The PyramidsA "Dicehouse" game for 3 to 5 players.351 per player118 to 30 tokensComplete
Martian ShuffleboardA game of dexterous strategy for 2 to 10 players.2101 per player1A table or large game board off of which pieces can slidePlaytesting
Battle RoyalA Chesslike game for a TreeHouse set241 per player1chessboardUnknown
Walk Like an EgyptianWalk like an Egyptian by racing back and forth across a chessboard with checkers-like movement.241 per player1ChessboardComplete
WormholesA mind-warping space battle for 2 or more players.2101 per player1One Martian Coaster per player; one six-sided dieUnknown
Der MarsigelwettkampfA prickly pyramid game2131 per player11 six-sided dieComplete
Oi! That's My Phish!A tile collection game inspired by Hey! That's My Fish.291 per player11 Piecepack set per three players. All the plastic cards in your wallet.Initial design
Martian CoastersThe Beverage-Coaster Treehouse Board Game261 per player1Six-sided die, Treehouse die, Looney Ludo boards or Martian CoastersComplete
Pyramid PunchA quick game of pyramid combat.251 per player1Six-sided dice, gaming stones, modular 2x2 tilesUnknown
Par-Trees-iGet all your pieces to the center goal241 per player1Volcano board, one six-sided dieComplete
Zamboni WarsWhat could possibly be cooler than driving a Zamboni? How about armor plating your Zamboni and arming it with a giant, frickin' laser!241 per player1Martian Coasters, 1 six-sided dieComplete
Martianopolis 500Zip around the track to the finish.241 per player112 Chessboard wedges, playing cards, marking stonesPlaytesting
PharaohPlayers roll dice to claim the title of the King of The Pyramids241 per player1Volcano Board, six-sided dieComplete
Vankor Gang WarsA game of revolution and city takeover, for many players481 per player2Board, 3d6Unknown
Freeze TagPyramids race to the other side, trying not to get frozen along the way.241 per player2Pyramid die, a 5x5 grid (a Volcano board is perfect)Complete
High GroundA game of strategy and luck that uses playing cards as the board and pyramids as the pieces a la Gnostica.241 per player21 deck of normal playing cards or optionally, a gnostica deck and a Treehouse die.Playtesting
Behind Enemy LinesMultiplayer war based game241 per player2Chessboard, Six-sided dieInitial design
WreckTangleAbstract Strategy Game241 per player2Chessboard, one coin, Treehouse dieComplete
Landing ZoneCrash land your ship to get the diamonds251 per player2A large-ish flat surface, 4 Zendo Stones (1 in a different color from the other 3)Complete
TractionPlayers walk their pyramids in a race to the finish line, and stop their opponents from getting there first!241 per player21 stash pad per playerPlaytesting
QuintazoneAn Icehouse/Aquarius hybrid251 per player2+ (more needed for fewer players)Aquarius deckComplete
Ice DraughtsAdvanced variant of Draughts241 per player3Chessboard or Chess WedgesPlaytesting
Jinxx241 per player3Pyramid die, Hijinks boardComplete
Zark CityA 3HOUSE reduction of Zarcana, using playing cards251 per player3playing cards or Zark City cardsComplete
U.S. PresidentWill you be the next US President? Place your pyramids to control key states.261 per player3Modified map and State cardsComplete
Petri DishBacteria fight for dominion inside a Petri Dish2101 per player3Wheel board, Three Lightning dice, Extra tokenComplete
Martian ChessColorless simplified chess nevertheless has subtle strategy241 per player3ChessboardComplete
Bowler RinkToss a die into the box containing stacks of pyramids. How many can you knock over without ejecting them from the arena?2101 per player3Pyramid Arcade or similar box lid, d6 diceComplete
DectanaTerritory game like Zarcana/Gnostica, but using the Decktet251 per player3Two DecktetsComplete
3sticaWhat if Gnostica and Risk had a baby?251 per player3deck of Tarot cards, FATE dice, turn markerPlaytesting
T-MinusIt's Not Rocket Science.261 per player3three six-sided dice, 12 to 18 risk tokens (e.g. pennies), game boardPlaytesting
Viribus UnitisControl key regions of a language map of Austria-Hungary, as in U.S. President361 per player3Modified map and cardsComplete
IceToidsExplore a board made of print-and-play cards.241 per player3Special tilesComplete
AgnosticaAgnostica, a simplified version of Gnostica, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Zark City cards.251 per player3 (5 for the complex game)deck of Zark City cards, Color dieComplete
Crystal HabitA game of mineralogy. Create crystal composites of different sizes and composition.251 per player3 to 5Initial design
TMAG: The Martian Assassination GameBe the first victim to reach all of the bases391 per player4piecepackUnknown
Moscow IceThis is Chinese checkers for pyramids with some twists.241 per player4Chess board or 10x10 boardComplete
MunaboA real-time game played on a napkin2101 per player5Napkin, timerComplete
AmoebaA science themed game with an ever-increasing board size.261 per player516 Poker Chips per playerComplete
ZarcanaTerritorial control on a board of cards Tarot, with CCG-like card effects241 per player5deck of Tarot cards or playing cardsComplete
IceTowersControl the most valuable towers261 per player5playing surfaceComplete
Martian CanalsA placement and capture game of Martian stone circles and pyramids.2121 per player5A 7x13 board, 5 Gaming Stones per player in that player's color, 3 Fudge DiceComplete
Thin IceGrow your fragile ice crystal until it shatters2101 per player5stable or shaky playing surfaceComplete
FortsA game of building and tearing down.241 per player5one six-sided dieComplete
Simple Life or Death2101 per player5Large grid (>16x16), 1 deck of cards for every 2 players, set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20)Unknown
CrackeD IceDon't tip the ice floe!351 per player5an old CD; one extra large pyramidComplete
IceFrogsPlayers jump their pyramids across the board in an attempt to get a piece into their opponent's start space.231 per player5Poker ChipsComplete
PantopiaPantopia is a game of territorial struggle, shifting fortune, and elemental magic.251 per player5two Aquarius decksUnknown
Martian RaceBe the first to have your family go up in the rocket and down in history!251 per player5chessboardComplete
AntshouseAnts running the gauntlet over a pavement while mean kids tries to splat them.241 per player5ChessboardComplete
AscendancyA turn-based game of tower building.251 per player52 dice, flat surfacePlaytesting
LandrushCompete to own the land worth the greatest value.251 per player51 Piecepack set (dice, coins, and tiles), Opaque bagUnknown
Zoink!A game of chance by stealing and regaining pieces.261 per player5six-sided die, Zoink! playing cardsInitial design
Martian GoPlayers build branching tree structures from a root in this predecessor to Branches & Twigs & Thorns.241 per player5Chessboard, four markersComplete
Power TowerBuild high towers by taking over pieces from other towers.241 per player5NoneUnknown
SubdivisionA Real Estate Development Game241 per player5A board ( a Chessboard Bandanna works nicely ), some markersComplete
Ice Storm351 per player5chessboard, optional scoring boardComplete
Leave No Man Behind"a mix of Chinese checkers and macho 'leave no man behind' wartime bravado"241 per player5Unknown
Armada 2KIn Armada 2K, fleets of warships do battle on the open seas.2101 per player5Chits to act as damage markersComplete
Martian PachisiAn Icehouse version of Pachisi2101 per player5One die (d6 recommended).Complete
What Blind Ninjas?A game of moving silently and striking carefully241 per player54x8 grid per player (half a chess board)Complete
GeomancyThe Game of Casting and Recasting261 per player5ChessboardUnknown
Space MonkeysSpace monkeys have come to Earth and are trying to get home!221 per player5ChessboardUnknown
A-A-Arctic KetteringAn abstract game of capturing trees on a mutated modular chessboard21 per player5Kettering Cards, ChessboardComplete
Ice PointsAn entirely luck driven card battle over a bank of pyramid points.581 per player5Playing cardsInitial design
Ice Tiddly WinksA quick dexterity game with simultaneous play161 per player5Good size playing surfaceComplete
ProtozoaCreate the most successful multi-celled colony creature241 per player5chessboardUnknown
Branches & Twigs & ThornsPlayers build branching tree structures from a root, trying to always branch from their own pieces, not their opponent's.241 per player5Chessboard, tokens, coinsComplete
Interstellar ConquestBe the first alien race to set up four colonies in your opponents star systems.281 per player5Piecepack, BagComplete
Barrakesh ExpressControl surface transport on Mars241 per player5Special map board, playing cards, custom goal notesPlaytesting
Martian FloodPlayers score points by building ships & towers that survive the floods341 per player5One standard deck of playing cards, three six-sided dicePlaytesting
Martian QuiltingAssembling pyramidal pieces261 per player54x4 board, "needle" tokenUnknown
GnosticaGnostica, an updated version of Zarcana, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Tarot cards.261 per player5deck of Tarot cardsComplete
TinkA four-in-a-row game with a twist241 per player5ChessboardUnknown
E, the Game of Martian Chinese Checkers261 per player5hex boardComplete
Blam!Looking for someone to shove? Strategize in Blam! with two to four elbow-room seekers.241 per player5ChessboardComplete
Capture the Flag2 or 3 players try to capture an opponent's flag in an ever-shrinking space.231 per player5Poker Chips and/or hex boardInitial design
IceDamThis is a multiplayer variant of IceSickle.241 per player5ChessboardComplete
Martian RiskMartian armies invade Earth361 per player5any large map, 25 tokens, D4sComplete
IcehouseIcehouse is a real time game with a freeform board, with players placing attacking and defending pieces as rapidly or as cautiously as they want. But don't go into meltdown!351 per player51 stash pad per player, optional timerComplete
HextrisAn abstract connection game of moving, swapping, and removing231 per player5hex board (19 cells or spots)Unknown
TorpedoEach piece is a naval ship, all placed on the field of play in a mad rush. Then the small ships shoot torpedoes, then the medium ones, and then the large ones. The player with the most pips of ships left at the end is the winner.251 per player5A straightedge (preferably a laser pointer)Complete
SprawlCompetitive city building381 per player5ChessboardComplete
Magic MidsMages play a game of placement and capture.241 per player5PiecepackComplete
Pyramid SchemeBuild pyramids, attack your enemy, and earn Ra’s favor by being the first to gather the correct number of favor tokens.241 per player5favor tokens, stones (in 2 to 4 different colors), chessboardUnknown
Branches & Twigs & Thorns (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze zapełniają plansze swoimi piramidami.241 per player5szachownica, znacznikiComplete
HexachessChess for 2 to 3 players on a hexagonal board.231 per player5Poker chipsInitial design
CatapultsIn Catapults, each player builds a castle and then tries to tear down the castles of the other players.1101 per player5NonePlaytesting
PikemenDefend your pieces from jousting pikemen!241 per player5 (fewer with more players)ChessboardComplete
Quintazone-ChaserFurther play to follow on a game of Quintazone251 per player5 (fewer with more players)Aquarius deck (newer version is better), unique token for each player, Color dieComplete
EfniUse pyramids to win Fluxx goals261 per player5 or less (depending on number of players)Fluxx deckComplete
Crystal FormationCreate crystals formed into trees while trying to influence the development of your opponents nodes.261 per player5 or moreChessboardComplete
Vankor WarsA game of revolution and city takeover241 per player7 - 1 per playerBoard, 3d6Unknown
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