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Wiki Admin[edit | edit source]

Hi! I'm a Bureaucrat, the most active administrator for this wiki. If something needs fixed around here, and it can be resolved within MediaWiki, I can do it. Please leave a note on my Talk page, or tag your problem page with {{admin}}, and I'll deal with it. If you need my attention, flag me down at the Starship Captains Facebook group.

About Cerulean[edit | edit source]

Cerulean (aka Ryan Hackel) has been a pyramaniac since 2005, and became a Starship Captain as soon as the Academy opened in November 2010. (My list is here.)

He has played: 3-High, Alien City, Ambush, Apophis, Black ICE, Blam!, Blockade, Block ur Friends aka BurF, Branches & Twigs & Thorns, Chicken Run, Color Wheel, Conquest of Mars, CrackeD Ice, Crosswalk, Dectana, Dodger, Drip, Flags, Geodeto, Hailstorm, Homeworlds, IceDice, Ice Fu, Iceminers, IceSickle, IceTowers, Imperial Shuffle, Infiltrate, Intersect, Juxtapose, Kaeru, Launchpad 23, Logger, Lunar Invaders, Martian 12s, Martian Backgammon, Martian Chess, Martian Coasters, Martian Mud Wrestling, Moon Shot, Nimitz, Nothing Beats a Large, Olympus Mons, Penguin Soccer, Petal Battle, Petri Dish, Pharaoh, Pikemen, Pink Hijinks, Plutonian Poker, Polymer Chains, Powerhouse, Pyramideto, Pylon, Quicksand, RAMbots, Rotationary, SandShips, Skyscrapers, Snowball Fight!, Sprawl, StarRunners, Subdivision, Synapse-Ice, Tic Tac Doh!, Timberland, Torpedo, Traction, Treehouse, Twin Win, Undercut, U.S. President, Verticality Volcano, World War 5, WreckTangle, Zamboni Wars, Zarcana, Zark City, Zendo, Ziggurat... for a total of 80 games, 18.3% of all pyramid games. (This doesn't count variations like Binary Homeworlds or Caldera.)

I want to learn: Freeze Tag, Give or Take, IceFrogs, Lava Flows, and Zagami.

When he's not playing games (or designing them), he can be seen bicycling, scuba diving, kayaking, geocaching, and coin collecting. He can also be found at Super Duper Games using the same moniker.

You can read Ryan's blog, The Ryanarium, online.

My Game Designs[edit | edit source]

Main article:

PYRAMID GAMES[edit | edit source]

  • Conquest of Mars, an abstract wargame using pyramids, playing cards, and dice, needs playtesters. (2008)
  • Dectana is the first Pyramids+Decktet hybrid, and is my attempt to build a better Gnostica on a new foundation. (2009)
  • Olympus Mons, a chess-like game inspired by field promotion, is ready for playtesting. (2006)
  • Timberland, in which Treehouse meets Volcano, could use some way to control its randomness. (2007)
  • Traction, the game of walking pyramids, needs some basic revisions. (2005)

OTHER GAMES[edit | edit source]

  • Check Please is a cooperative board game of restaurant waitstaff, and has been compared to the classic videogame Diner Dash. Make your own copy today! (2011)
  • Cube Clash is an abstract strategy game like Chess using Dragon Dice. Alpha rules are up, and looking for playtesters. (2008)
  • DC Dash as a family board game about racing around on the DC Metro system. It's a modern reimplementation of The London Game from the early 1970s. DC Dash is a free print-n-play... go for it! (2010)
  • Ferrball's Mansion is a standalone card game of cartoon mayhem. If you like Munchkin, you'll like this too. Playtesters wanted! (2004)
  • Hydropolis is a city-building game for 2-5 players using a Waterworks deck. Complete rules and revision history are posted on my website, and a German translation is out there. Give it a try, then go to BGG and rate it! (2007)
  • Starships is an open-ended turn-based strategy RPGs about spaceship combat. (1998)
  • Wanderlust is a sneaky Fluxx-like exploration game using double-sided tiles. Make your own copy today! (Now available in French and Japanese.) It's also fully implemented at Tabletop Simulator! (2007)
  • Warriors is a homebrewed CCG about melee combat that I designed twenty years ago. v0.90 is now available for download for online play via LackeyCCG. Old-fashioned cardsheets and rules are available upon request. I have been meaning to make preconstructed decks for this, so if that's something you want to see, goad me until I work on it. (1992)

What's on Cerulean's Stove?[edit | edit source]

  • Big Iron
    • Construct prototype deck
  • Cube Clash
  • Ferrball's Mansion
    • Ready to publish!
    • improve graphic design
      • production of FM thru Asrtscow or GameCrafter requires art and card graphics as image files.
  • Got You Covered
    • Polish it up and post it online?
  • Mississippi River Steamboat Economic game
    • reprint city cards with less money
  • New Risk
    • Test with 3P, 4P
    • Is 2P broken?
  • "This Is Your Life" deckbuilder
    • where to go with this idea?
  • Time Travel CCG
    • uses Doomtown engine
    • start with basic decks for British & Roman empires
  • Time Travel co-op deckbuilder
    • need to make a mock-up with hundreds of unique cards. *sigh*....
  • Toejam & Earl boardgame
    • revisit early notes
  • Untitled Prohibition Economic Game
    • Get rid of Law player. All players are Illicits.
  • Wanderlust
    • Different themed editions: tourism, time travel, Christian, Hitchhiker's Guide, etc.
  • Warriors CCG
    • make preconstructed decks
  • World's Fair
    • Needs illustrated rules

Miscellany[edit | edit source]

Not to be confused with Ryan McGuire.


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