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This is a list of fast playing games that, ideally, take less than 10 minutes (15 min tops).

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersNumber of colorsTrios per colorGame MechanicsStatus
ApophisA real-time co-op game of saving the world from an asteroid1451Cooperative, Color powersComplete
AscendancyA turn-based game of tower building.251 per player5UnknownPlaytesting
Black ICEThe 3HOUSE game of computer cracking253Discovering codes underneath opaque pyramidsComplete
Breakthrough225UnknownInitial design
CarboniteDiceA game of CarboniteDice in progress.152Push your luck, Set BuildingPlaytesting
The Closest GhostA simple game played with pieces of candy233UnknownComplete
ColonizationA game of space conquest mixing light strategy and luck.2451 (2 for 3-4 players)Stacking, Color powersComplete
Color ClaimBuild stacks with your claimed color on top to score points.252None, CapturingComplete
Color WheelTry to connect all same colored pyramids before time runs out!15103Cooperative, PuzzleComplete
Crosswalk251Stacking, BlockingComplete
Crystal TradersTrade crystals with people from other worlds3645UnknownPlaytesting
DNAMutate pieces in your gene pool2445UnknownComplete
DepictCan you get your friends to guess the secret word using only pyramids?21035UnknownInitial design
Der MarsigelwettkampfA prickly pyramid game2131 per player1Stacking, Freeform boardComplete
Egyptian SolitaireThis is a solitaire puzzle game. Imagine a game of Peg Solitaire getting combined with a Rubik's Cube.1443Stacking, EliminationComplete
Fire-Ice-SlimeA very fast and simple, 2-player, 1 Treehouse game, similar to Rock-Scissors-Paper.251UnknownComplete
FolioAn abstract strategy game for two players inspired by Quarto242UnknownComplete
GeodetoPlanet Earth is full of beautiful and interesting places.2661UnknownComplete
Give or Take21011 per player (3 minimum)Set collection, TradingComplete
Gleebs and GruesAbsorb your enemies while trying not to be eaten by a grue.251Placement, CapturingComplete
Green HijinksA luck-free variant of Pink Hijinks213Pattern formationComplete
Gygès (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze przemieszczają piramidy na szachownicy.211Przemieszczanie piramidComplete?
Ice Tiddly WinksA quick dexterity game with simultaneous play161 per player5DexterityComplete
IceSickleIceSickle is a bit similar to checkers, but was originally inspired by solitaire peg jumping games215Placement, JumpingComplete
IceToidsExplore a board made of print-and-play cards.241 per player3Area controlComplete
IceTowersControl the most valuable towers261 per player5Stacking pyramids, TurnlessComplete
IceTowers (Polish)Kontrola najcenniejszych wież241 na gracza5Czas rzeczywisty, Układanie w stosyComplete
IcebergGuess correctly and be rewarded245GuessingInitial design
Icehouse BaseballA game of chance.214UnknownInitial design
InfiltrateBuild an army and fight your way through the enemy's lines.224UnknownComplete
Invaders of MarsPlayers take turns fleeing from a powerful alien menace bent on using them as fodder for breeding until only one player is left standing.241 per player + 15 for 2 players, 10 for 4 playersNone, CaptureComplete
Landing ZoneCrash land your ship to get the diamonds251 per player2DexterityComplete
Launchpad 23The challenge: Be the first to build a complete and balanced 5 stage rocket! The problem: Rocket parts roll out of the factory on a random schedule and are often misrouted to other launchpads!2452IceDiceComplete
Lava FlowsA quick strategy game that rewards clever tactics and a sharp memory223UnknownComplete
LimnA Balderdash-style bluffing game41045UnknownPlaytesting
MadRobotsAn rough initial design2853Programmable MovementInitial Design
MagnetoIt´s all about opposites.225UnknownComplete?
Martian 8-BallFive-handed Martian Coasters for two!251Race, Dynamic boardComplete
Martian ChaturangaBased on a strategy game that predates Chess225UnknownComplete
Martian CheckersPieces jump and immediately capture223UnknownPlaytesting
Martian CoastersThe Beverage-Coaster Treehouse Board Game261 per player1Stacking, Dynamic boardComplete
Martian Coasters (Polish)Gra rozgrywająca się na podkładkach Martian Coasters261 na gracza1Podkładki, Rzuty kościąComplete
Martian Tic-Tac-ToeTic-Tac-Toe with Icehouse pieces223PlacementComplete
NickelUse strategy to form a line or L shape on a colorful, randomly-generated board252, 5 preferablyPlacement, Perfect informationComplete
NomidsA fast and very easy game with a simple goal: get rid of all your pyramids first. First player with no 'mids wins!210101UnknownComplete
OshugoA somewhat quick penny-flipping game221None, PenniesInitial design
OverrideA two-player game where pieces are individually owned but mutually controlled225Placement, Perfect informationComplete
Petal BattleTwo groups of insects battle for control of a flower243Strategy, Turn biddingComplete
PewPewDieA player wields a juggernaut!200Rock-Paper-Scissors, EliminationComplete
PharaohPlayers roll dice to claim the title of the King of The Pyramids241 per player1Dice, King of the MountainComplete
Pink HijinksA tiny game of Pyramids213Pattern formation, Dice rollingComplete
PowerhouseCollect exactly five pyramids in one size but five different colors.2553Semi-random drawComplete
PungoA game of Pungo setup and ready to play213Perfect information, Controlled rollComplete
Push-PullA single-stash game for 2 or 4 designed for play with a Treehouse set. It is similar in some ways to Rock-Paper-Scissors and the Prisoner's Dilemma.2351Hidden decision/programming, Piece Movement/RaceComplete
Pyramid PunchA quick game of pyramid combat.251 per player1NoneComplete?
Pyramid ShamboTournament-style Rock Paper Scissors (aka Roshambo), with pyramids used as scoring chips.2101 per player1UnknownComplete
PyramidetoEASY, FAST, and FUN.2461UnknownComplete?
Pyramids in my pocketA variation on Drip, in which a player tries to guess which pyramids the other has hidden in his pocket.232StackingComplete
Robot Battle ArenaRobot battles. In an arena. OF DEATH.2551Stacking, Direct conflictComplete
RockPaperPyramidA multidimensional version of Rock Paper Scissors333UnknownComplete
SkyscrapersA free-form action and dexterity game for lively party fun.2121+1+Stacking, DexterityInitial design
SolacePatience puzzle for one12 (3 for Solace II)5Stacking, Set collectionComplete?
Synapse-Ice (Polish)Zapełnianie planszy piramidkami225Zapełnianie planszyComplete
Tic Tac LoopTic Tac Toe on a changing board221UnknownComplete
Tower DefenseDefend your headquarters251TreehouseComplete?
Treehouse (Polish)Gra oparta na kostce Treehouse2411Rzuty kością, Dopasowanie do wzorcaComplete
Turning PointsPyramids spin like interconnected gears as each new piece is added1641ReactionsComplete
Twin WinA simple and quick single Treehouse set game with changing goals2351Stacking, Hidden goalsComplete
VerticalityBuild the tallest tower!15103Dexterity, Tower buildingComplete
Xero-GA quick, accessible game of spaceships and strategy214Perfect informationComplete
Zamboni WarsWhat could possibly be cooler than driving a Zamboni? How about armor plating your Zamboni and arming it with a giant, frickin' laser!241 per player1UnknownComplete