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The List (sorted by designer)[edit | edit source]

A - M[edit | edit source]

Designer Game Overview and design status
Max Allen deathrace a race game similar to RAMbots
Trap-Towers Tiny single-nest game for two
Ross Andrews Icehouse Plant Game, The block your neighbor's access to light
Lonely Ice solitarie game using pyramids and playing cards
Pyramaze Players race to reach their goals in this game that includes a randomly created board and the players' ability to swap the rules of movement throughout the game.
Peter Aronson Nightmare Pachisi It is played on a custom 7-by-7 board, uses four stashes, and supports two to four players. One of it's more interesting and unique features are the 'nightmare' pieces that multiple players can have control of.
Peter Aronson
Jennifer Aronson
Edges Edges is an abstract strategy game of placement for two, played on the 31 edges (not squares or points) of a three by four rectangular grid representing the canal network.
Jorge Arroyo Colorful Clues A deduction game that uses the translucent, color-changing properties of the pyramids.
Virus Fight An abstract game of computer programs fighting each other.
David Artman Atom Smasher A game of dexterity inspired by billiards, carrom, and marbles.
Chicken Run A barnyard sport simulation using two unmatched Treehouse sets (RFP resumed 4 Apr 2008)
Ice Soccer A single stash game of soccer inspired by Subbuteo
Ikkozendo Zendo variant playable with one Treehouse set
Martian Shuffleboard A single stash game of strategic dexterity (RFP began 22 Jan 2007)
Moon Shot It's the mid-1960s, and the Space Race is heating up. You are the launch commander of a mission to land on the Moon and, eventually, to colonize it. But your opponents want to plant their flags there first and claim the high ground as their own!
Wormholes A real-time game of warring spacecraft using one or both kinds of Treehouse sets and Martian Coasters (RFP began 31 Oct 2007)
David Artman
David Cherryholmes
Icecaster A single Treehouse set real-time game of dueling mages
Stacktors! The first traditional role-playing game using all and only pyramids (RFP began 21 Mar 2007)
Keith Baker Focus hybrid pyramids + Magic:TheGathering game
Ryan Baron Icehouse Baseball A game of baseball
Kaitlin Barrett One Square at a Time to the Capture A single stash game of chance to capture the giant
Ian Bates Node Wars Three game concepts, One War.
DogFight Node Wars - 3D Fighter Combat in a 3x3x3 Cube , 2 player, programmed moves, ice your opponent.
TubeTanks Node Wars - Vehicle Ground Combat.
CoverFire Node Wars - Infantry Section Battle Drills.
TrackAngel Node Wars - Torpedo-based Submarine Warfare.
Ripple coming soon.
Robb Bates Crosswalk Move all your pieces to your goal in a nest.
Steve Beard Fire-Ice-Slime Very fast and simple, 2-player, 1 Treehouse game, similar to Rock-Scissors-Paper. Players attack each other with fire, ice or slime, with the more powerful attack type winning.
Unocitta A variation of Zark City (inspired by Zarcana) that uses an Uno deck, incorporating it's unique cards (such as the wilds).
Andy Bond Pyrinoes A game of dominoes and pyramids together
Lucy A Bracegirdle Ice-Turn Pyramid version of Q-Turn
Squares of Detonation Civil Engineering ... and dynamite
Vankor Gang Wars Revolution and city takeover, for many players
Vankor Wars Revolution and city takeover
Jason Brannon Ice Soo Sorry Icehouse translation of the boardgame Sorry. It requires 2-4 players, one stash per player, a deck of cards, and a Sorry board.
Venusian Bowling It requires a single stash, a mouse pad, and an icosahedron (...look it up if you need to).
Thomas Brendel Imperial Shuffle Another not-a-single-stash game
Middleman Two players, two stashes, and an oddly-shaped board
Triumvirate A two-player game of pyramids bossing pyramids around
Liam Bryan Extinction Chess-like game where you win by killing off one type of your opponent's pieces.
Liam Bryan
Marcella Florence
Erskin Meldrew
Invaders of Mars Players take turns fleeing from a powerful alien menace bent on using them as fodder for breeding until only one player is left standing.
Melissa Caprio Zoink! A game of chance by stealing and regaining pieces.
Blake Cetnar Chaos Checkers Checkers with pieces that evolve over time.
Ice Colony A game of growing your colony over various territory and taking territories from your opponent.
High Rise A game of building up stacks of pyramids on a Martian Coaster board in an attempt to control the most valuable properties
RAMbots Factory A variant of RAMbots where a set of Martian Coasters and Volcano boards make up the factory floor which moves and transforms over time.
Spy vs Spy Search the building, find the Thingamajig, set some traps and avoid the other spy and get out alive!
Dave Chalker Turtler redevelopment of Rat Patrol
Josh Cole Enviromentalist A Treehouse game in which you stack pieces and gain points.
Fleet A space battle for 2-5 players
Oshugo A Treehouse game with penny-flipping action!
Tower Defense A simple single stash dexterity and planning game
Daniel Cristofani T-Minus A fast, random game of rocketry.
Bruno Curfs Homeworlds Settlers Abstract strategy - Players vie for resources to build a settlement on a conquered Homeworld.
Alexa Curvey Dash A single stash game to see which player can get their Icehouse piece to the finish first, while completing dares along the way.
Nick D'Andrea Aeb 2-3 players, 2 stashes per player, chessboard
Droom Each player makes a ruleset and plays out the game by rules of their own making--thus only knowing the winning condition for their own ruleset.
Nonub Ish A game for four players where you place territory and attack opponents.
Uibadi‎ A game of combat that uses both real-time and turn-based rounds.
José Carlos de Diego Guerrero Foxtrot Make a row containing three different colors in the same size OR three different sizes with the same color. (Rules in Spanish only)
La Columna de Trajano exterminate your opponent by sacrificing your own pieces and using their color powers. (Rules in Spanish only)
La Linterna de Lisicrates Un juego de estrategia abstracta para Icehouse de apilamientos (o torres). (Rules in Spanish only)
Ratones Colorados An area influence/area control game. Rules in Spanish only.
Torres de Asedio abstract strategy board game of co-location, control and spacial traversing. It consists on controlling 4 siege towers to open a gap in the enemy walls and taking your army across the board. Rules in Spanish only.
Erik Dresner Spectrum A 12-stash game of pyramid exchange.
Robert Dudley Advanced Colonization Abstract - A game of space combat and expansion.
Colonization A game of space conquest mixing light strategy and luck.
Gleebs and Grues Abstract - Absorb the enemy gleebs while trying not to be eaten by a grue.
Infiltrate Abstract - Players build armies and attempt to move a pyramid through the opposing lines.
Munch Abstract - Place worlds, then have your giant space monsters move through space and eat them.
Paint the Line Abstract - Try to build the largest groups out of captured pyramids.
Pyramid Punch A quick game of pyramid combat.
Robot Battle Arena Robot battles. In an arena. OF DEATH.
Shapeshifter Wars Abstract - Transform your shapeshifters into the perfect army to defeat the enemy.
Stack Control Abstract - Place pyramids on a chess board and try to gain control of the most stacks.
Treasure Slide Abstract - Slide on the ice while collecting treasure and capturing enemy treasure hunters.
Jim Dunaway Scrambled Volcano setup variation for Volcano
UberMartian Coasters When regular Martian Coasters just isn't enough.
Dennis Duquette I Have Color wordplay game for children
Martian Canals A placement and capture game of Martian stone circles and pyramids.
Jake Eakle IceCream A two-player game that requires neither board nor table
Dan Efran Martian Frisby 2-player race game played on a nearly linear board.
"Eugman" Iceships initial game concept
Ron Hale-Evans and Marty Hale-Evans Snowman Meltdown A snowman fight played with a Piecepack set.
David Fair Influence A game of push and pull in which players play their pyramids onto a hex grid to exert influence on stones of three different colors.
Christoffer Fogelstrom Arena multiplayer combat using 2-4 players and as many stashes as possible
"GameBrain42" High Ground a game of Strategy and luck that uses playing cards as the board
Martian BattleSpires a game of domination by advantage.
Fogus CarboniteDice A variant of IceDice meant for Solo play.
Initiative An abstract game of fencing pyramids.
Logistics A Mancala-like game of pyramid transportation and capture.
Malice An abstract game of capturing and teleportation.
Pew Pew, Die An experiment in pyramidal minimalism using only two pyramid dice.
Pungo An abstract game of pattern building using the *controlled roll* of a 6-sided die.
Toripoka A set-collecting, bluffing card game based loosely on Three Card Poker.
Geoffrey Globus Leaning Towers Build Out Build Up
Chris Goodwin Crossroads A 3-5 player abstract strategy game
Martian Tic-Tac-Toe This is Tic-Tac-Toe as it might have been played thousands of years ago on Mars.
John Gravitt Take That! A single stash, two-player, three-in-a-row game where your opponent chooses the piece you must play
King of the Sinking Iceberg Capture small caps on an ever-shrinking board.
"Grendel" Ice Arena A tactical arena combat game
Robot House A tactical arena game inspired by Meatbot Massacre
Zombies A tactical arena combat game
Julien Griffon Accelerator Scientists competing to capture as many and as valuable particles as they can from a particle accelerator
Game of Princes The king’s sons have decided to play a game in their room. They have called their servitors and made them gather all the carpets of the castle. Now, they’ll jump from one servitor’s back to the next to get to their brother’s ‘base’.
Kaeru A game for 2 players using a Treehouse set and an Aquarius deck, where frogs are trying to eat a lot of their favorite preys.
Pushing Race A race on Martian Coasters where the roll of an Icehouse die will determine how you can move your pieces, and possibly help other players doing so.
Pyramids in my pocket One player, the Disciple, must find out which pyramids the other has hidden in his pocket, while the other, the Master, tries to prevent the first from guessing. Game based on Drip.
Bess Gutenstein X Spectrum A 2 Set chess themed game with a twist never seen before in IceHouse games. Please read and comment!
Kumbha The TreeHouse verison of Aquarius.
Coaster Chess Martian Chess meets Martian Coasters
Glen Gyldersleve MadRobots  
Ryan Hackel Conquest of Mars wargame using pyramids + playing cards + dice
Dectana Redevelopment of Gnostica for the Decktet.
Juxtapose Treehouse set Nim game with shared pieces
Olympus Mons overlap chess, similar to Gounki and Pikemen
Timberland Treehouse meets Volcano
Traction Walking pyramids play sports
other ideas solitaire puzzle
Brian Hamilton Block ur Friends aka BurF A 4 player game where you move your piece on a chess board, filling up the space you leave until you're the last player with space
Circuit Connection A Two player connection game where you score points for groups on a board I made (needs 5 treeshouse sets not sure about how many stashes). Needs mechanics sections to be added. New user not sure how to do this!!
Jeff Hammans Crystal Caverns A roleplaying game using playing cards as the map.
Crystal Wars A war game using Martian Coasters as the map.
David Hampton Who Made the Team? Try-outs for the High School cheerleader team are today! Oh, there's the whistle, get your captain out there! An IGDC submission.
Geoff Hanna Ice Palace A game of simple mechanics but complex interactions where players compete to win “hands” and ultimately control the construction of the Ice Palace.
Jonathan Hartshorn PARANOIA A hilarious game of treachery, deceit, and mandatory happiness. Welcome Troubleshooters! You must play this game. You will have fun. The Computer says so...
Avatar War Based on the "AVATAR: The last airbender" series!
High Ground A nifty game that uses a deck of cards as its board
Ice Derby  
Martian BattleSpires A tactical game of using height to your advantage / 5 treehouse stashes
Rummy Towers A Rummi-kub/Dominos style game for Icehouse pieces
Zombie Coasters What? Seemed like an obvious thing to me...
James M Hazelton III Coastercano Mega Volcano played on the dynamic board of Martian Coasters with Treehouse Dice!
Kory Heath Pantopia similar to Gnostica, but uses two Aquarius decks
Christopher Hickman Cardinal Connections A single stash game
Icebomb Arena Inspired by elements of Bomberman, RoboRally, Jyhad, and Wiz-War. It requires 4 or more players, one stash per player, a chessboard, and some bookkeeping objects.
Zachary Hoekstra Nile A worker placement/civilization building game for two players where you construct the great pyramids of egypt.
Dan Isaac Ice Pirates Martian translation of the Pirates of the Spanish Main CSG from WizKids, expanded from the designer's previous game, Armada.
Push-Pull single-stash game for 2 or 4 designed for play with a Treehouse set. It is similar in some ways to Rock-Paper-Scissors and the Prisoner's Dilemma
Joss Ives Ice Ice Baby set collecting and auction game for 2-4 players
Influenza A 3-5 player influence game that needs a stash per player plus an additional stash
Martian Trickery A 3-4 player trick-taking game that requires a deck of standard playing cards and a Treehouse set
Kevin Jackson-Mead Outgrow Each player represents a fungal colony, trying to outgrow the other colonies in the limited space available.
Will Jennings Limn party game about text scrounging and Balderdash-style bluffing for 4-10 players.
Olle Johansson Alchemy ICE Noughts and crosses with randomized "symbols" of five different types.
Ice Lady A variant of Turkish checkers, aka Dama, using two Icehouse stashes
Power Tower Build high towers by taking over pieces from other towers.
Titanice A game for a single Treehouse stash which doesn't require a game board
Walk Like an Egyptian A simple game for a single Treehouse stash
Olle Johansson
Martin Ackerfors
Antshouse Ants running the gauntlet over a pavement while mean kids tries to splat them.
Kendall Johns A-A-Arctic Kettering Icehouse derivative of Kettering. 2 players, 2 stashes, a chessboard, and Kettering cards.
King o' the Castle get one of your Kings into the opponent's castle
Moscow Ice an abstract strategy game similar to Chinese checkers
Transformartian an adaptation of Sid Sackson's Transformation to Icehouse pieces. Players try to swap pieces on a 5x5 grid in order to form various shapes.
"JonPrud" Martian Pachinko Pachinko on an ever shifting board
Chris Johnson Martian Colonists A game that uses pyramids, Piecepack, dice that match pyramids and Aquarius. It plays vaguely like Settlers of Catan.
Oi! That's My Phish! Inspired by Hey! That's My Fish, with a bonus round where you get points for assembling four digit numbers from your tiles that can be found on the cards in your wallet. Requires Piecepack tiles. One set of piecepack gives you enough tiles for three players.
Shield Bashers A game that uses opaque pyramids to hide stuff
Star Wheel
A pair of expansions to Gnostica, inspired by Star Encounters
Ryan Keiser Behind Enemy Lines Multiplayer war based game
Rachel Keslensky IceHanoi A single-person puzzler
Reverend Jesus Zugzwang "Zugzwang" is a German word meaning "compulsion to move," and the term is used in standard chess to describe a situation where one MUST move, but all available moves will lose the game.
3stica What if Gnostica and Risk had a baby? I bet it would be slightly less viable than this game.
Tanis Kint Elementalist Use the elements at your disposal and wage epic war against an opponent! A Magic: The Gathering inspired game.
Ice Miners A 2-player game of underground survival. A Settlers of Catan inspired game.
Joseph Kisenwether Synapse-Ice based on the paper-and-pencil game Synapse. It requires 1 stash per player, for 2 players.
Avri Klemer Drag Race Two hotrods face off across the track. The flag falls and the wheels spin. Who will blink first?
IceGolf dexterity game that uses the stash tube as a club
Ley Lines of Mars A placement game of Martian mystics using Martian Coasters and Volcano caps
Pass The Pyramids A "Dicehouse" game for 3 to 5 players.
Penguin Marathon A race game for a Treehouse set and Martian Coasters
Avri Klemer
David Artman
Jonathan Hartshorn
Penguin Series:
Penguin Football
Penguin Hockey
Penguin Solitaire
Penguin-themed sports games
Jeanne Rink Kramer-Smyth Freeze Tag Pyramids race to the other side, trying not to get frozen along the way.
Dennis Kringe Catapults An action game of medieval siege
Centrifice An Icehouse hurling match
Ice Boule An adaption of the classic Boule game for Icehouse
Joshua Kronengold
Erik Hanson
Martian Bowling Martian Bowling is a turn-based game, where players take turns throwing their pieces at upright pieces, getting points for any pieces they knock down, or knock out of the playing area.
Travis Larchuk Erebusicehouse A darkly-themed game of Life, Death, War, Disease, and Soul collection
Hostages Rescue your hostages by returning them to your base.
Pyramid Scheme Build pyramids and earn Ra’s favor by being the first to gather the correct number of favor tokens.
Take It Or Leave It A "Press Your Luck" style game using one Treehouse stash and an opaque bag
Gregory Lattanzio Autumn Ash Try to advance your pieces while thwarting your opponent’s plans in this strategic game of color change.
Fuji-san A game of removing and replacing pieces to surround your opponent, to then have the most points scored before the game board is cleared.
Evacuate Get your Stacktor clans out of burning nightclubs before your rivals manage to do the same.
Latent Binaries Abide by the rules of binaries...
PyLiPo Inspired by the French literary OuLiPo school, this is a pyramid game of generative writing.
Stacktrices A game of Martian combat enacted within a digital matrix. The game uses opaque and colored pieces.
Traffic Tyrants A pyramid game inspired by a children's game of traffic lights. You get to call out what moves the other player may make.
Courtney Leighton Switch House! A fun game involving stealing and chance.
Jonathan Leistiko IceDuel A rough idea for using Icehouse pieces as a form of character sheet in a RPG-ish dueling game in an ever-shifting environment
Ice Market anarchic trading game with hidden agendas.
Share and Share Alike A game that really doesn't need Icehouse pieces, but uses them because they're convenient
Snowblind maximize your score and minimize your opponents’ scores by putting pieces in taller and smaller stacks, respectively.
Sorcerer's Apprentice checkers variant for two players that requires ten colors.
Spellcycles Create mysteeeerious patterns to cast mysteeeerious spells on two to five mysteeeerious players.
Spike A single stash game that requires a checkerboard and some tokens
Wardrobes Each player has a board. You can add rules to your board. Rules target piece colors, granting abilities or impairments.
Dan Leonard Ascendancy A turn-based game, loosely based on IceTowers, requiring one stash per player and two dice.
Ken Leyhe Breakthrough requires 2 players, 2 stashes, and a chessboard.
Chivalry Be the first player to jump two queens off the opposing side of the board. Stalemates are possible.
Scavenge Icehouse/piecepack hybrid game of hoarding the "good stuff" from a junkyard.
Kevin Lintz Spectra A game of color theory
The Unnamed Archaeologist Dig up bones and try to build a complete skeleton
Spencer Lipori Plutonian Poker A game based on the rules of poker but with pyramids rather than cards.
Andy Looney Martian Hold'em how to use pyramids as poker chips
P. D. Magnus Ziggurat-Demolition-Showdown A game of angry magic for pyramids and the Decktet
Brian McCue Triangulation A game of political persuasion.
Adam McDougall Martian Flood Players build ships & towers and try to survive the flood. Similar to Coloretto in some ways.
Ryan McGuire Ice Dao quick little abstract strategy game for two players.
Martian Race Be the first to have your family go up in the rocket and down in history!
Martian Shogi Chess/shogi variant with pyramids.
Ryan McGuire
Kerin Schiesser
Ice Age Mastodons vs the Hunters
Tom Mike Horde Runners A strategy game of theft.
David Morgan-Mar Folio Abstract strategy played on a 4x4 grid that is defined by the pieces played
Spicklehead The first rule of Spicklehead: don't talk about Spicklehead.
Richard Morris Chain Reaction A game played on a volcano board where 'particles' fired into 'atoms' cause chain reactions of ejected particles into other atoms
Alexandre Muniz Enantiomerfolk 3 stashes and a chessboard
Pointsettia Players compete to place their pieces in the design of a plant.

N - Z[edit | edit source]

Nicole Najaka Candy Capture A single stashgame that consists of Icehouse pieces which are moved across a board in order to try and capture candy pieces.
Nash Gnaqush It’s not just the nickname of the game’s designer – it’s what you’ll do with your teeth as your carefully-laid plans get thwarted and blocked over and over again in this strategic Icehouse game for 4 players.
Bill Newbold Ice_go An abstract Go board, surround territory 1 placement 2 Pikeman Martian movement dual phase game
Dale Newfield Icehouse Null Game, The If you don't get the joke, see Null koan
Carlton Noles Automaton Smash and Bash Robots
Battle Royal A fast and easy chess-ish game
Bears, Foxes & Hares a race to the top
Coup Carpe Imperium
IceDam variation of IceSickle where colored pieces allow for more complex scoring and multiple players.
Landing Zone Crash land your ship to get the diamonds
Leech A capture your opponents pieces and take their points too.
Pyratics A political intrigue game
Tactonix Shape the world to your liking
Tree-Halma A Treehouse update of the precursor to Chinese Checkers
Tugga War Yet another single stash game
Adam B. Norberg Stacktics Abstract strategy game. Rules complete and playtested; needs text revision.
Steve Omodth Geomancy The Game of Casting and Recasting
Ice Stackers A dexterous stacking race game.
Erik Oosterwal Amoeba 2 or more players score points by growing their Amoebae in a petri dish with limited resources.
Bridge In a race to span a chasm, be the first to connect opposing edges of an 8x8 board.
Capture the Flag 2 or 3 players try to capture an opponent's flag in an ever-shrinking space.
Dodger A fugitive is on the loose and has fled to a wilderness reserve where you are trying to trap him using the ever-changing terrain to box him in.
Hexachess Pawns, Knights, and Rooks compete on a hexagonal board. (2 or 3 player)
Icemen's Morris A simple variation to Nine Men's Morris (Mill) that can be played with one Treehouse set and one Martian Coaster.
Isoku Like Sudoku, only with Ice House Pyramids and you can play against other people. (requires pyramids in 9 different colors)
Nimbus Another Nim variation. Multiple players try to clear all the pyramids from an 8x8 board.
Nimitz A multi player combinatorial game that mimics the game of Nim, only in reverse.
Polymer Chains Score points by creating long chains of pyramids on a hexagonal playing area.
Quicksand Capture 15 pips from your opponent before your stash of pyramids runs out.
Snowball Fight! An icy version of the Cheapass Games rules for Fight!
Skyscrapers A free-form dexterity/action party game for two or more players.
Yshuis An abstract strategy connection game inspired by the game Y.
Todd Oravic The Fast and Ferocious; or, Black Ice An Icehouse Indulgence involving multiple racing tracks and self-placed obstacles.
Doug Orleans Intersect placement and simultaneous capture
Quintazone a game somewhat like Carcassonne played with an Aquarius deck and Icehouse pieces.
Glenn Overby Alheimur space exploration game that uses an Aquarius deck
Efni a hybrid pyramid + Fluxx game
Ice Fu a battle of attrition inspired by Tai Chi. players build trigrams using randomly drawn pyramids of only two colors. For each trigram there is an equal and opposite trigram.
Kotra a backgammon-esque game for two
Skurðir This game of Martian transportation is inspired by the railroad board game genre. Players compete to build networks of canals connecting several transport stations, and earn points by transporting passengers from station to station along the canals they build. The player with the most points after all twenty passengers have been transported is the winner.
Töframenn A fantasy strategy game where wizards, experts in a variety of elemental arts (represented by nine colors), face off in a battle of good verses evil.
Glenn and Chrystal Overby Nomice A Icehouse/Nomic Hybrid
Megan Parsi Tri-Prism Face Off A game of luck and some strategy where each player races to get their icehouse pieces to the finish line first.
Fred Poutre Simple Life or Death a game you can play with whatever number of players, whatever number of pyramids, and whatever dice you have on whatever size grid map you have.
Amanda Readinger Topple A double stash game where players get to knock over each other's pieces to dominate
RedKlonoa/Greo Crystal Traders A fast paced trading game for 3 to 10 players
Ballistic Wars A war between countries using pyramids as missiles
The Sniper A survival game using one Treehouse stash where you must manipulate "The Sniper" and escape your fate.
William M. Reed Ice Fishing designed for younger players, and is similar to the card game, Go Fish
'Reverse' IceDungeons An RPG for the pyramids
Zachary Roberts Ice House Bowling A simple game of bowling using IceHouse Pieces.
Matthew "Carthoris" Rogers Abiegnus Rosicrucian Volcano on the Tablet of Union.
Aquarius Rising Connect your elements to the higher planes (an IceQuarius game).
Barrakesh Express (Don't you know we're) Riding the Martian rails.
Builders of R'lyeh Constructing the city of Cthulhu.
Dragonflock Dragons lay waste to valleys (for two players on a Volcano board).
Freimaurerei Organize lodge-based conspiracy in the European Enlightenment.
Magma Jumpy patience on a Volcano board.
Martian Senet A race through the Martian underworld.
Martianopolis 500 Zip around the track to the finish.
Phalanstery Form a group to express your "innocent mania."
Quintazone-Chaser A little game played on the arrangement constructed by Quintazone.
Sphinx's Paw Escape from monsters under the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Supercalifragilisticano A simple metastasis of Mega-Volcano (just a variant, rather than a de novo game).
Whack Chess Modern chess variant with piece promotion through stacking, and a dynamic modular board.
Stephen Rogers Crystal City Catan An Icehouse game based on The Settlers of Catan
Martian Mah Jongg A rummy-style game played with Icehouse pieces
Martian Parcheesi Icehouse pieces make up the board itself.
Daniel Russett DNA Possess the greatest value of pieces at the end of the game.
Sean Ryan Tree House Rush Around to the finish.
Kerin Schiesser Martian Life based on Conway's Game of Life. It requires one stash of pyramids per player and one chess-board.
Michael Schoessow Alien City city-building game for 2 players. Combines pyramids with Piecepack.
Katelynn Simcox Around & Around A single stash game where players try to get the Safe House
Jason Spears
Erik Oosterwal
IceFrogs An abstract pyramid bouncing game using 2 stashes & poker chips.
"startrek" Ice Points A fun game where you try to get the most points by the end of the game.
"Starwars" Race to the Top A combo game
Bryan Stout Treehouse Snakes and Ladders Snakes and Ladders with pyramids, real decisions, and player interaction.
Ziggurat A push-and-shove race around and up the sides of a pyramid.
Nate Straight Binary Homeworlds
Allows the good / evil aspect of the standard game to still have relevance in the two-player version. The most significant change is the addition of a new class of ship and the ability to discover new binary star systems which have the moral alignment of the player who discovered them.
Chaos In this game of controlled chaos, the players compete to capture all ten colors of pieces.
Ice Stalks In this fairy-tale inspired game, the players draw magic rocks to grow brightly colored ice stalks.
Martian Boggle One of the greatest word games of all time enters the Icehouse world.
Martian Chaturaji The ancient Indian game, Chaturanga, believed to be a predecessor of Chess, enters the Icehouse world.
Martian Chaturanga The object is to capture, rather than simply checkmate, your opponent's monarch.
Martian Risk The classic board game of global domination enters the Icehouse world. In this version, the players assume the roles of opposing Martian armies as they attempt to invade Earth.
Martian Stratego One of the most popular strategy games of all time enters the Icehouse world.
Melting Pot A cooperative, turnless, teamless, loser-less, nearly-rule-less, nearly-victory-less "game" involving interbreeding, genetics, racism, hate crimes, oppression, and cross-culture clashes, and incorporating all ten colors of Icehouse pieces. It will be more of a discussion prompt than a game, I guess... but still.
Quinto The classic Mensa Select strategy game, Quarto, enters the Icehouse world.
Mike Sugarbaker The Crystal in my Pocket Would like your input if A) you play roleplaying games, or B) you don't
RGB In RGB, stacks of Icehouse pieces reproduce and try to kill each other's children
Scott Sulzer Gravity Plane A 2-8 player Martian Coasters variant, using 2 Martian Coasters sets and up to 2 Treehouse sets(preferably Xeno and Rainbow).
Payton Swick Forts A game of building and tearing down.
Payton Swick
Matthew Chmielewski
What Blind Ninjas? Each player has sent their ninjas into a room to hunt the enemy ninjas. Unfortunately the ninjas are all blind, and therefore can use only their amazing sense of hearing to locate their enemies.
Shane Tilton Carrots and Broccoli children plan a garden
Martian Gunslinger An abstract single stash game
Trip Away Be the first player with no pieces in front of them.
The Wilds of Mars A simple little photo safari game.
Subhan Tindall Hamsters On Ice A multi-player combat game featuring vector-based movement and hamsters in balls
Tyler Tinsley Drip Drip is a single stash icehouse or treehouse game that requires the square tube packaging.
J.D. Top Bag of Ice A simple turn-based competitive push-your-luck where you either keep drawing from a bag and risk busting, or quit and get to keep your points.
Hivemind A real-time cooperative game with no communication where you try to stack your pyramids in the correct order, based on The Mind (2018) by Wolfgang Warsch.
Carol Townswend E, the Game of Martian Chinese Checkers It requires 2-6 players, one stash per player, and an elaborate hex board.
Steven Traver Terrafex A strategy game of terraforming for two players
EOF A strategy game of file manipulation for two to four players
Jason Troutman 3-High A cooperative game using a chesboard and cards.
Battle Zone uses 3 Treehouse sets in an arena-styled race game.
Martianopoly A Monopoly-inspired game with pyramids.
Jacob Valdez Cold Spell Word game with pyramids and letter cards
Samantha Valentine Ice Race A multiplayer game where players race around a colorful, spiraling board, and roll two dice to determine their fate!
Bernard Vander Beken Vertigo Vertigo is a variant of solitaire Volcano and Mega-Volcano. Instead of capturing pieces, Vertigo is all about building single color towers.
Nick Wedig Epicycle A simple game for two players using a single Icehouse stash
Jesse Welton Martian Checkers checkers with pyramids
Roger Burton West Force Field Factions An abstract strategy game in which pieces can be given different powers.
Iceberg a game of bluffing, using pyramids to conceal pieces.
Russ Williams Stawvs An abstract strategy game similar to Amazons with Volcano scoring.
Ricochet Pyramids Players try to find a small sequence of moves to move a robot to a goal. Inspired by Ricochet Robots.
Jeremiah Wittevrongel Capstone A 2-player, 4-stash tactical game
Deception A two-player abstract strategy game
Hexano A Volcano variant played on a hexagonal board
Hexano-Duel A more strategic Volcano variant for two players
Mega Hexano A Volcano variant played with 9 stashes on a hexagonal board
ThreeStone A 2-player tactical game playable with 3 Treehouse sets
Ticket to Mars A bizarre mashup of Icehouse with Ticket to Ride
Triforce A three to six player combat game
Triluminary A two-player abstract strategy game with a Babylon 5-inspired theme
Jeff Wood Hunt Hunt in a deadly maze (2 to 4 players, two Treehouse sets)
Jeff Zeitlin Martian Coaster Chaturanga Players move and capture pieces on the board, with the objective of having the greatest number of points at the end of the game.
Pach-Ice-i A two-player game, played on a custom 7x7 board
Par-Trees-i A two- or four-player game played with a Volcano board and one Treehouse stash
Pentamid a two-player game played on a Volcano (5X5) board with one partial stash per player. The objective is for a player to be the first to get five of his pieces in a row, horizontally or vertically.
Pentamid Twist a two-player game played on Martian Coasters with one stash per player. The objective is for a player to be the first to get five of his pieces in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Each turn, the board changes.
Sam Zitin Diamond Mine Players are gem hunters running around trying to extract valuable colored gems from (opaque) ore piles. Players are considered "experts" in certain types of gems and can sell those colors for more money. Intended as an entry for the Spring 2009 IGDC.
Iceminers A reworking and reimplementation of Diamond Mine concentrating on correcting serious flaws in the previous version. Increases tactical decision making and adds the much requested player attacking feature!
IRPS Icehouse Roleplaying System. A hybrid Boardgame/lightweight RPG system using pyramids and a deck of standard playing cards.
Rachel Zomerfeld Capture The Card Use Icehouse pieces and strategy to capture cards.
Eric Zuckerman Precary-Ice Build tall stacks, like Jenga, until they fall over.
unknown designer Ice Solo Solitaire game. Try to get all of they pyramids nested in groups that are all the same color.
Martian Greenhouse Breed stacks of pyramids, DNA style, until you create the predetermined sequence you need. Solitaire puzzle.